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    Darrin Rooney
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    Red face training for volunteer departments

    It is very hard for rural volunteer departments to train regularly.Attendance,equiptment condition,and weather can make training a difficult thing.I hope the lack of training on our department does not show when the real thing requires quick,dependable action!

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    The idea that we have adopted for years is to have training once a week.We know that everyone cannot be there,but this allows the members with a busy schedule a chance.If you have few drills personal schedules will not allow the flexibility to attend.Give your members all the options possible.

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    Our volunteer department offers 3 types of training every month; department medical training, CEU training which is usually taught by the associated Hospital and fire/Haz-mat training. We are required to attend a minnimum of 40 hrs per year of both fire and medical training offered by the deaprtment.Anyone that is unable to maintain the required training hrs. does not stay on the department. This sounds tough but it works. A training schedule is made at the first of the year for the entire year and given to all members. Fire training is done on Saturdays for 8 hrs. min at least once a month and one weeknight per month for 4 hrs.
    This way everyone is aware of the training and is given multiple chances of getting the hrs. A few of the trainings per year have REQUIRED attendance. You are expected to attend and will hear about it if you don't. We allow some exceptions that are approved ahead of time. Medical training is once per month at night for 4 hrs and CEU medical training is once per month for 4 hrs.
    Departments MUST enforce a min. amount of training per individual or the department and the citizens pay the price, and can pay a very dear price at that- The loss of life.

    You stated one reason for lack of training is the weather. HOW ABSURD! You shoul be training in ALL types of weather as well as day and night training. Emergency calls do not wait around for bluebird weather. You will be surprised at the problems you will run into when doing night training on the same scenarios you have practiced over and over during the day. Winter weather has a major effect on the way you will respond on an emergency call if you have never traind for it.


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    El Capitan
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    Rest assured Darrin.......the lack of training WILL show at the least opportune time!

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    AS El Capitan said it "Rest assured Darrin.......the lack of training WILL show at the least opportune time!"

    Training is very important. you work like you train and in this service lives are at stake so no train to play. and if it raining out train in it. a Fire does not hust burn on a nice day (we wish it did)

    Firefighter West I-10 FD (Houston Texas)

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    The old adage: practice makes perfect. Well we all know that nothing is perfect. However that doesnt mean you dont train. You must train in all conditions, but in a safe manner. Ie: not advisable to practice ladder evoltions in a thunder and lightnening storm. During the winter months, we arrange our training schedule to indoors. Ie: cpr recerts, hazmat recerts, building construction. Even the most seasoned ff needs to keep up with skills and training. One suggestion is to invite a neighboring dept. to train with you, as it is most likely that you will operate with each other on an incident. We have weekly training on Wednesday nights from 7pm to about (:30pm sometimes later depending on the training, ie: live burn at the fire school. We offer training on Sundays for those who wish to come or those who missed Wednesday night. Sunday drills are less formal, and find that alot of training gets done. On Sundays, it is nothing for us to accomplish driver/operator training, hydrant operations, ladders, hose line advancement, search and rescue. We rearrange the furniture in the all purpose room, mask out the face piece and have members conduct searches and remove victims. There are many ways to accomplish training, but an effort needs to made to conduct and execute training.


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    Fireman Ry
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    My department drills every Tuesday night and Sunday mornings. The members are encouraged to enroll in courses at our county's fire school also.

    Ryan B.
    Stay Safe
    Warminster Fire Department
    Station 90
    Bucks County

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