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    Post New Light Rescue/!st Responder Vehicle

    Our small all volunteer dept is in the market for a new light rescue/first responder vehicle. We are looking for something that will meet our needs for the next several years. We need something that can carry our medical stuff, and also vehicle extrication equipment. In order to save cost we would like to find a "stock" unit. So far the only one I've found on the web is from Hackney on an F-550 chassis. I am looking for ideas from other folks about what they have recently purchased or have on order. We would love to get something that would also have 200-300 gals H2O and foam so that we only need to bring 1 truck to vehicle fires, but that's probably going to be too expensive. If you have something like this also please let me know. Please give me an idea of how much it cost also.


    Tom B.
    Bennett Volunteer Fire Dept
    Bennett, NC

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    Hey Tom...I don't guess I can consider my department a small department anymore, but we recently went through the process of spec'ing and purchasing the type of rig that you are talking about. We wanted a piece that we could take out the door on any "still" alarm...car fire, brush fire, ems, etc., but feel comfortable if we need to go to a structural call with this piece. We run about 1900 calls a year, with about 65% being non-structural calls.

    With this in mind, we bought a Pierce Saber with a 750 gpm Hale single stage hydraulic pump (350 gal tank), prepiped with Class A and Class B. We added things like a NightScan, extrication equipment, and a ton of cribbing due to all the extra space on the rescue body.

    Seems to be working very well. It takes the load of of our class A engines, which is exactly what we intended for it to do.

    Total cost - roughly $275,000. A pretty large investment, but it replaced our mini-pumper which no longer met our needs. Depending on your call volume, you may want to check into the mini-pumper design. Pierce once again was very helpful in designing that piece...I would estimate the cost to be under $100,000 nowadays. Good luck with your endeavor!

    Captain Scott Lambert
    Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department

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