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    Question What a mess!!!

    Take a single township volunteer fire department that protects approximately 12,000 residents and divide it into three districts. Put a station into each district and place a fire chief in each station to run it. Each station's apparatus will have a different color scheme (white/lime, red/white & white/red) but each piece of apparatus will be marked xxxxxxxx township fire department. Each station will run independent of each other and each chief will establish their own operating guidelines. They will have separate budgets and make purchases individually. They will rarely train together but they will be each others second alarm companies. They will have at their usage 19 pieces of apparatus with most being newer units. For years this system has been a problem that has been plagued with in-fighting and animocity. Does anyone have a better idea. What would you do with this department. The township trustees don't even want to touch this subject.

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    UNITY, UNITY, UNITY! One chief, three captains (1 in charge of each station). All apparatus will be marked the same, same numbering scheme. All other equipment will be the same brand, model, etc. (with the exception of testing new equipment). Each station operates under the same SOG's. There will be one central budget, and all purchases will be made through one person (not necessarily the Chief). Training will rotate each time through each of the three stations. This is one department, not three

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    Couldn't day it any better than BVFD! If your big enough, make it one cheif and three assistant or district cheifs (that way they get to keep their white hat ), but only if you are big enough!

    Alan Romania, CEP
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    Well, hopefully you are in a position to make a change. My county was there and is still working on that issue.

    We have devised a "Chiefs Association" where all the volunteer chiefs, and the county career chief meet once a month to dicuss business and issues. This brings everyone to the table and lays everything out that needs to be discussed. What this has also done is allows each chief to make recommendations on SOPs/SOGs for the county as a whole! Now, each department has internal rules, but we all follow Operational Guidelines.

    If your county has a problem with each other, and they are not willing to do or even try this, than hang it up!

    Not one person in this service knows how to do it best, nor can they do everything on thier own. Tell them to swollow thier pride and realize that in this job the word Teamwork has no "I's" in it.

    Jared Goff

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    The only thing that this particular county's departments can do together is argue. The city department hates to work with the county, the county departments never get called into the city. This is even at the cost of the city sending an engine company to an ems call to evaluate and wait 15-20 minutes for a city medic unit to come in service. The county departments call for mutual aid based on the buddy system instead of using alarm cards based on geographic location. WHAT A MESS!!!!!!!!!

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    You are out to do the same job, save life, save property and to assist those who need help.

    As an outsider (UK) why not get people talking, discuss the issues and aim for the target set by BVFD. Seems pointless with three different units undertaking the same tasks but pulling against each other than with each other.

    Become one and train together, work together and be a more efficient, well motivated crew.

    Try and sort those out at the top of the pile and work downwards. Does everyone understand the main problems or is there communications problems.

    Seem a mess, as you stated. Good luck

    Kindest regards & keep safe.


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    I have thought about your problem a couple of days and it reallly scares me that your township has gone so rouge. It is great that they wanted to establish leadership, but now your towns FD has lost its cohesiveness. It sounds like a mediator is needed to help produce a single Chief, and then the Asst. Chiefs or Captains per station. Don't settle for an unsettling situation. People love to make snap decisions, but rarely look their creations in the eye when they fall apart. Don't give up, and push for a positive ending. Also, push for a standardization within your Township. Someone is going to get hurt, or even killed. Point that out, and they may listen to you a little closer.

    Take care and be a strong team!


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