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    Question Your Local Forester

    What does your local Forester do for your volunteer department? Does he/she provide adequate wildland fire suppression classes? fight for your grant money? locate and procure needed forest fire fighting equipment? and does your Forester assure that each member is properly trained and properly red carded?

    Your input will help me establish a needs profile from our local Forester. Some say he is not performing up to standards, so I need something to compare to.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Chief Taylor
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    In Utah, our Foresters have helped me by in the following ways this past year.

    I recieved $3500.00 for Wildland training and appropriate PPE purchases.
    I recieved a 1500.00 gallon 200 gallon foam 1000 GPM multi purpose fire engine for free.

    I have been set up thru them to provide my fire department with red card training to get 100% of my volunteers RED CARDED this year. FREE.

    I have been treated very good in Utah by our Foresters. they are doing as much good to assist us knowing that thier direct Fire forces are limited and they will need to call on us and they need to help us locals as much as possible.

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