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    Question Starting a Fire District

    We are a volunteer department that is funded by our city government and rural memebership. The time has come for us to expand and we can't do it with the current structure. We have sold the idea of forming a district to the rural board and the city council and we beleive we can get it to pass on the ballot. We would like some ideas on selling it to the voters. We beleive we have a good plan now but if there is something that we can do that will help us win it would be appeciated.

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    This is what my current employer did to go from primarily volunteer to paid: Show a picture of a burning house and the guarenteed response: three pumpers and a ladder truck, with all the equipment layed out in front, and a grand total of four personnel: the paid drivers, one for each truck.

    They then showed what would be guarenteed if the tax increas passes: the same trucks with full crews to use all the equipment layed out in fromt. The tax issue passed big.

    Now, for your situation.

    Show a burning house. Show what responds if it's in town or out of town (perhaps both, one pic of each). Then show them what responds if the fire district tax passes, putting a larger response in that picture!

    Good luck!

    Local 3133

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    we passed our ballot in 1990 to go to a fire district. I dont know the rules or laws in the area you live in. but for us to form the district. The voters in town were the only ones to vote. cause they were leaving the city operation and going the fire district. The taxes would decrease for the city people and they were the only ones to vote.
    We had the city people paying more tax then the people in the rural area. The city went down and the rural came up. The only voters were from the city.

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    Lgreeves, The first place I would start would be the Missouri Statues relating to fire protection districts. There is alot of information and procedures that needs to followed in starting a district. Second thing, educate the residents of the proposed area on the why & what you are wanting to do.
    Hold public meetings, talk to the local groups (chamber, rotary, school board, and anybody else). Call your county collector find your area valution and decide what tax levy you need to start with. Several districts in my area passed the creation of the district, but the tax did not. They got a $5,000 name change, They had to back and get the tax levy passed the next election.
    If possible hire an attorney that deals with fire districts.

    Till next time>
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    We went to a Fire District last year. To get
    the word out I created a document listing every possible question I could think of and the corresponding answer. I took a typical house (my own) got the valuation and figured the tax increase. The calculations and results were all part of the document. Also contacted insurance agent and asked what fire insurance would be without fire department. We only asked for enough tax money to give us a good base - no extra frills. The issues passed 5 to 1 and now we have a budget and a plan to better our equipment and training.
    If you are interested in the document, I think I could Email a copy.
    Good Luck,

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