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    Post Intergration of volunteer and full-time

    Any suggestions on how you would like to see volunteers and full-time personnel intergrated in a newly consolidated fire department? Particularily training sessions, having vollies doing ride alongs after recruit training( as part of their "clinical" or hands on training), etc.

    Thanks in advance

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    First of all, make sure that the reception of a paycheck does not automatically make one a better firefighter. I've worked in combo fire depts. (and am in one now) and they have worked BECAUSE the paid and the unpaid professionals have had respect for each other's training and experience. Keep training requirement fair for both; don't skimp because one is a volunteer. Make them all remember that fire doesn't check the wallet for a pay stub.

    Also, make everyone clear on duties. One quick way to **** off the paid guys is to have the vollies leave work "for the paid guys". A dept. I was in had that situation start, but the chief nipped it in the bud.

    Rick Reed
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    I am currently in a company that is both paid and volunteer. We have a great working relationship. I am a volunteer and I enjoy learning from the paid employees. We have had them teach our weekly drill. They are a great resource to have around the station. There are times where each side has their differences, but we work them out appropiately.

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