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    Question Stat Requirements

    What do you do when you run over 4200 ambulance calls a year and nearly 2000 fire calls a year and are 100% volunteer? That is the case with the volunteer company which I am a member. Is there anyone else out there that is all volunteer (100%-including the county, etc) and is experiencing the same volume of calls. What type of statistics do other volunteer companies require of their members?? How do you manage the volume of calls? How do you get the members to come in more to handle this increasing volume of calls? Currently we have about 150 members with 3 medic units, 5 engines, one truck and one rescue, and 3 support vehicles. THANKS!!

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    Fireman Ry
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    My department does not provide EMS. That is a totally separate service. My department has about 45 members that responds out of three stations. We respond with 3 engine, a ladder, and a heavy rescue. We average around 850+ calls a year and that is the busiest in the County of Bucks. Every year we have more calls. So far this year, my station is 30 calls ahead of last year.

    We don't do the exact call volume as you guys do, but we know how it is.

    Ryan B.
    Stay Safe
    Warminster Fire Department
    Station 90
    Bucks County

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    You might want to try and develop a on-call schedule, divide the members in to groups (number of groups & members per group to be determined by you) Then say that group 1 respond for calls on even days, and group 2 on odd days, or go by weeks, whatever works. This way the dept. will be guaranteed a certain response level, and the members are guaranteed to have days when they don't have to respond. If you're lucky enough to have THE BIG ONE!! then obviously, it's a free for all This can be a long battle to determine groups, keep in mind qualified drivers, residence locations, job schedules, ect... Some depts. have a percentage quota, like "Must attend 20% of the calls per month" however, then you get those people who pick and choose what calls to respond to. And there's always a volunteer shift option, for those who can't maintain a percentage, or work schedule conflicts, they can pull a shift at the dept. on their convenience, this allows a quick response time if you have enough on shift to staff a truck. Hope I didn't lose you, sound like you have alot of thinking to do. Just options that might be worth looking into......Good Luck.

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    I forgot to mention that my company does have stats requirements. A fire member needs to make 20% of the total fire calls for the year. An EMS member must make either 5% of the EMS calls from last year (180) or pull a certain amount of duty per month. These EMS requirements just don't seem to be working to get the EMS people in. We do have a duty roster that EMS members may sign up on to pull duty on a certain day and time. What I am asking is what do other companies do to get their members to come in more often?

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    My station has approximately 45 members and run ~2000 calls a year. To address staffing issues, our station uses duty crews(4) on a rotating schedule. Each crew is responsible for one night (6pm-6am) a week (M-Th) and one weekend a month (F-Sun). This system ensures that there is a least one (usually two) crews in the building to run the "routine" calls (i.e MVA's, alarm activations, med assist's, etc.) This might not be the solution foreveryone, but it works well for us.

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    Philip C
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    I'm w/ a combination station within a combination county department. Four career ff staff the station 0700-1500 w/ the driver staying til 1700 M-F, the rest is handled by volunteers. We have duty crews T-Su 1900-2300 and 1000-1400 Sa & Su; no home response. The company requires us to do 1 duty crew a week & sleep in 1 night a month as minimum requirements & we currently have 5 live-ins; this works well for us w/ approx 70 active members, 3 engines, 1 truck, NO AMBULANCE , 2900+ CALLS out of 1 station. You might want to check out www.kentland33.com- they are the only all volunteer station in this county and the busiest all vollie company in the nation w/ 4000+ calls out of 1 station. Take care & be safe.

    Phil Clinard
    Laurel VFD (laurelvfd.org)
    Prince Georges Co Station 10
    Laurel, MD

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    Chief Taylor
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    That is wrong to ask for a volunteer responder to be so availible for that many calls. You would have a real argument to go at least combination department.

    Get your facts and amounts of hours for each memeber including all training and responses. Your managment should be working towards some type of compensation program even if just to offset the expense incured on behalf of the residents.

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    Capt. Zada
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    It seems that you can very easily justify a full time paid EMS Division and at least a combination fire protection division. Many career departments do not have that heavy of a response load. Tell the politicos that control the funding to $#%* or get off the pot.

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