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    StanCap Guest

    Question New Pumper

    My department is in the process of buying a new pumper. All of the information and options seem overwhelming. Does anyone have any hints at the options we should emphasize. What features should definitely be considered and what features should we possibly consider if the funding allows? The truck will be our first response engine and our department is mainly rural, but we have hydrants in the town limits.

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    9m18 Guest


    Your area sounds like ours. Our last pumper---delivered 9/99--- is a Central States/Freightliner 1250 pump/3000tanker. It's a class A pumper with a lot of water. It is first-due outside of the hydrant district, and includes Foampro class A/Feecon class B foam systems. Tank has retractable chutes (1 each side and rear)for quick dumping (2.5 minutes) and can be controlled from inside the cab. Also includes 3000 gallon folding tank. Both tank rack and ladder rack lower electrically to a reasonable level for removal. Also has on-board generator (Generac 12K watts). 56K GVW.
    1200 feet 5" LDH.

    Works well for us.

    Stay Safe.
    You asked for my opinion, now you have it. It's mine and mine only. Any similarity to another or purely coincidental.

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    town/dept Guest


    9m18 has out lined a fine truck, But it might not be for you. Sit down with the guys and write down what the needs of the dept are. You have to ask questions like
    - can the town supply handel a 1250 pump?
    - can all the streets handel a big truck?
    - how much water would you like on the truck ?
    These are just the tip of the berg.
    call other depts in the area that have newer trucks and find likes and dislikes, or what they missed on the list they made.
    Keep an open mind and ask a lot of questions. Try to talk to people who use what you are thinking about bying. They have the info you want and they are not product reps.

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    N2DFire Guest


    Hey StanCapt,
    What part of Va ya in - we might be neighbor-in-laws or something. Your area sounds a lot like ours as well.

    There have been some good comments made about specing a new truck. A couple things I'd like to elaborate on :

    In addition to the roads handling your truck - think very hard about bridges and the weight of your truck. (A BIG factor for us here).
    Also think manuverability - as much as I'd like to have one - Tandem axel trucks just don't work for us here (haven't tried an "All Steer" yet.)

    Look at your neighboring Dept's trucks. See what works (or dosent work) for them then (and most importantly) see WHY it works (or dosen't work) because the same trick might produce totaly different results for you.

    Look at where you place your attack lines and what size lines you want pre-connected - more so since this is your first out truck.

    What tools do you want to carry and where do you want to carry them ?

    Also knowing the Virginia weather & terrain - do you want all wheel drive or automatic chains ?

    Look at the number and type of calls you run. A lot of attention and thought to making the common jobs faster and easier will go a lot farther than having all the High-tech "Beepie-Flashies"

    A couple general issues I have seen with our trucks are :

    Hose Bed Height: "Lower is better" (My apologies to Pontiac)
    Attack Lines : Color coded hose/nozzle/pump pannel is GOOD.

    (Side note to attack lines - found this on another web sites forum - thought it might intrest you like it did me -

    Best of luck - specing a new truck is ALWAYS a long and hard job and you will NEVER satisfy everyone.

    Be sure to post some pic's of the new "War Wagon" when you get it.

    Stay Safe - Take Care

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    sgfd Guest


    The engine we recieved in 91 broke down at two major fires within about 6 months. Over the past few years we have had other problems. I won't mention the name of the company. We will be receiving our new engine in June 2000. It has a 5yr bumper to bumper warranty. This includes everything. Also for the first two years they will come change the oil, filters and conduct insepctions on it. Make sure you have got a maintenance shop that can handle repairs especially if you are a long way from the manf.
    We did not get the tech. support we should have on the 91. Same as you would probably get from a used car dealership. Take some tours, look at if they build the frame and body or if it has to be pieced together. One comment was also made don't go to bigggg as they may be more of a hinderance to you. Do spec for plenty of ldh for those hard to get areas.

    Good luck to you. I was on the comm. for this truck and it is a lot of work and remember somebody out there will not be happy with what you did.

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    9m18 Guest


    SGFD makes a good of our requirements in the bid package was that the builder of the engine had to have a factory-authorized service center within a certain distance of us. They do. Makes the routine stuff a little easier to get done.

    Stay Safe.
    You asked for my opinion, now you have it. It's mine and mine only. Any similarity to another or purely coincidental.

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    town/dept Guest


    Yes I to forgot about warranty service. Our cafs on our new 99 has just went down for the second time. The first time they realy dragged there feet( something we were doing wrong they said) That went over well!! We were lucky that we had a very influential person make a call for us that got service fast. I wonder what would have happened otherwise?? Now as I said it is down again. I'll keep you posted..

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    Captstanm Guest


    Thats an open ended question. I suggest you visit other fire stations similar to yours and see what works for them. That is what we do when purchasing apparatus. No sense re-inventing the wheel. What type of apparatus are you looking at? I suggest you give Pierce a hard look!

    Where are you in Virginia?

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    COFireLt Guest


    My opinion..... Give Pierce a hard look then keep looking, actually make sure to look at all of them, we recieved a pierce in 95, and well, the craftmanship and quality isn't what they make themselves out to be. E-One used to produce a low quality truck, but they are getting right up there in the battle. Like the others, make sure it will fit in tight spaces not only around town, but in the rural area's where those narrow dirt drives are, you know, the ones that have the log posts and low archways that seem to be popular with those rural folk. Also, watch out for those trees, they don't get the trimming like the ones in the city do... If ;you happen to be an all volunteer dept. Make sure you check location for interior cab controls so you're not reaching clear over to the passenger dash to get the radio, change the siren, etc.. for when you're responding solo (it happens to all of us) The headsets are a great idea, just watch the location of the transmit button (if not on the ear piece) we had transmit buttons placed on the console by the seats, when gear falls on them and the whole district hears you request a fly-by, it can get ugly......

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    pokeyfd12 Guest


    Alot of good points brought up in the responses Cap. Makes sure you got to see other FD trucks from bigger city to rural and see what differences there may be.

    If that's too time consuming, consider going to the trade shows. The Harrisburg, Pa. show is coming up in May and has a large selection of new apparatus technology and innovations. The Firehouse Expo in Baltimore is a few weeks away also but that's also another place you can view trucks, equipment and technology.
    Do as much research as you can. Take your time, unless you are in need of a new truck fast (ex. the truck you are replacing won't last 6 months). It took us close to a year and a half to spec our last pumper. We looked at alot of manufacturers and unanimously settled on KME. We have also have a Seagrave, Saulsbury and Pierce. Again, these were all preferences of what the "truck spec committee" agreed upon, what the commissioners were willing to spend and what the members of the company accepted.

    One of the big things that people tend to forget is to include your department mechanic while working out your plans. Remember, he's the guy that is doing the maintenance and repairs beyond the manufacturer stuff. The department mechanic can also give an insight as to which size/type engine, transmission and rear should be in the truck.

    Good luck with the new beast and keep us advised as to how you made out and what manufacturer you decided on.

    Rescue Lt. Kevin C. (aka Pokey)

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    ENGINE25 Guest


    Take a careful look at PIERCE, we have a 96' Quantum custom attack pumper, and a 99' Quantum Heavy Rescue. Those trucks are great, once you go Pierce you will never go back

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    tmr91 Guest


    sgfd, what company bid a 5 year bumper to bumper warrenty? I haven't heard of this before. How much extra did it cost in the price of the truck?

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    StanCap Guest


    Thanks for responding to my post. You guys have given me a lot of useful information. We met with the Pierce representative last night and are meeting with the E-One representative next week. Next question: what type of foam system would you recommend. We are definitely looking at a class A system to be used mainly as a wetting agent for structure fires. I did not realize there were so many induction methods for Class A foam. Which method works best? For all you other Virginia boys: we are located in Southwest Virginia in the small town of Fries. Hey N2DFire: my aunt is a Ferrum alumni!

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    town/dept Guest



    I suggest you start a new Topic for that Question. You mightget more replies. As you have read in my last post- We have had trouble with ours.

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