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    Question If I resigned ? Who will benefit?

    There has been a lot of things going on in the past 6 months that I do not agree with or meet the minium req's and have tried to talk to all the members about. Some of the things are SOP's others are general or specific (not to air here), I feel that I am not taken serious about my concerns for everyone's safety or well being, nor the departments liabilities. There comes a point in time when it is better to leave than to stay and cause friction and/or negative PR., True? Or Am I only thinking of myself? Need some others input before I make the choice. Please post one or E-mail me and thanks for taking your time to read this.


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    Jim M.
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    1. Why did you join the fire service?

    2. What are the problems? (Rhetorical question - please don't tell me - it's none of my business)

    3. Are the problems serious enough to be considered a threat to your safety or the safety of someone else?

    4. Is it an issue where reasonable people can have different opinions - or different approaches to an issue?

    5. Is the problem so serious that you feel you are being "tarred with the same brush" just by wearing the uniform?

    6. Only you can decide if the problems are just ordinary "people differences" or serious enough to walk away from the job. Remember that one of the biggest problems we volunteers have is our ego's. Because we are doing it for free we figure we must be in the right on any opinion we have. Since there are usually more than one of us at any givenm scene or activity, just remember that everyone there has their own ego and their own opinion. Good luck in making a decision you can live with.

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    Sand Creek Lynn
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    Replied in the wrong place. Look at "Jim M. has good advice."

    Sorry, Lynn.

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    OK Jim M. I tried to email you and got no response hope you read this.

    Answers to your Questions:

    1. I joined the fire service to help out in my community and do something others don't feel is a big deal, I think that as a member of the human race it is a gift to recieve the calling to the brotherhood of FireFighting. I know about giving myself to God, Country and my Family, this is a very high priorty in my life even if the order of it changes now and then. I have been in the fire service for about two thrids of my life and see myself staying in it for the rest of it, God willing it will be a long time.

    2. Thanks said what I wanted to on that in the post I'll try to give you a little more general.

    3. Yes, safety is all that keeps us coming home after the call, safety is yours and mine.

    4.Opinions and approaches are fine but who will know them unless they are set in stone as department polocies or regulations. On the scene is not the place to ask all the rules and get opinions or approaches, that would only create KAOS and take away from the duty on hand; self, life, property. If a policy was changed and a member wasn't at that meeting or read the change then what?.

    5.No not tarred, more like what I say and the things you do are not important "there just the NFPA,OSHA,STATES" rules not ours. We know what is best for all, Not all those other things, they are BS and we won't do them.

    6. First let me say this; " I like to ask and get others opinions and hear their approaches", that is why I posted this heartfelt question on the Forum. I do not believe we can go solo on somethings in life and that is when it is time to ask others to help, you see I don't think I know it all because if that was the point I would have not asked for others opinions. In no way, I'm not saying you are acting that way, I'm simply stating some facts about myself.

    To Jim M. and all of the other members out there if you have a opinion on this post it, if you don't post it than I only have limited resources to work from and that is not how I learned the job: I have always been taught to learn and know your resources and use what ever of them you need, and if you need more get the best you can.

    So here is a resource I can get, only if you the members give a little from each of you, and thanks for any replies

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    Jim M.
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    Sorry, guess I don't really understand your question.

    If it's dislike of the alphabet soup agencies that regulate us, I sympathize and understand. NFPA, OSHA and the others are all there to "help us". Sort of like the IRS! Well, there's very little you and I can do about that except grin and bear it. I sometimes write to my congressman but don't really believe it does any good. Although we try to follow all rules, I've resigned myself to the fact that if anything happens and one of us is hurt, the Dept is going to be hung in public. That's just the way it is. In the meantime we try to follow the rules the the best of our ability and ignore them when its necessary to get the job done.

    If its communications within your dept., there probably are others who have the same questions and concerns that you do. Having been in a volunteer dept for over 20 years I know that by the time someone actually brings up a problem or question, there are usually 5 or 6 other people who've been wondering about that same issue for a long time. Clearing the air by asking for better communication is usually a good thing. We use written SOP's and understand that they must be somewhat flexible. If something is done against SOP, we hash it over when the call is over. Why did we do it that way? Sometimes we made the right call and sometimes we admit we screwed up in the heat of the moment and should have followed our SOP's. Either way, it's a learning experience.

    Attitudes are extremely important. If it stops being fun, thats when its time to bail out.

    Hope this rambling helps

    Jim M. (PS I checked e-mail address, it is correct and should work. Try again if you want)

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    You asked "There comes a point in time when it is better to leave than to stay and cause friction and/or negative PR., True? "
    The answer to that question is TRUE.
    BUT I don't think thats the right question. I think the question you are searching for the answer to, is have you reached that point.

    I'm going to try and let you answer that question for yourself. I direct you to your reply to Jim . . .

    "I joined the fire service to help out in my community and do something others don't feel is a big deal, . . ." (shortened for space)

    Even though I don't know the specifics of your situation, rest assured that I CAN relate. I have been a member of several agencies (and still am) who have all gone through their share of inner turmoils, refusal to break from the old ways in favor of newer safer methods, the typical "Good Old Boy" mentality, and so forth.

    Also, don't ask who will benifit if you leave. Ask who stands to loose. Your Community, your department (even though they may not see that), your family, yourself, and the list goes on.

    I'll try and wrap up all my rambling now. In the end the decision is your and yours alone to make. I'd like to leave you with one last comment to think over.
    You can't change a group from the outside, the drive to change has to come from within, so how much will you be able to change if you leave ?

    Take Care - Stay Safe

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