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    Post Jim M. has good advice and......

    I am a 22 year veteran of our dept. Don't know it all and never will.

    Captain. And work as hard as anyone. Probably harder than most.

    Today after a grass-structure M/A fire our new rookie told me how I was doing things wrong cleaning up when we were back at the station. " Let me do that, It needs to pressure washed. Put that hose way down in the tank so it doesn't foam so much." And so on. He knows it all.

    Sunday afternoon. 1 o'clock.

    Our 2 captains [I'm one] said, "OK have a good time." And we left.

    Some times it is just better to smile and walk away.

    But if safety of crew and the public are involved than you need to go to plan B.


    A good chief is invaluable.

    If your's is not, try to change him or replace him.

    Ours is good.

    Just in a small town and a tough spot.


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    Thanks Lynn,

    I did read this and Jim M. reply and made a new reply myself, if you have the time to check it out, and if you can give a little more to, thanks for taking the time before and hopefully you will find the time to reply again. Once again thanks for your time

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