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    Question Why sign tracking sheets?

    In another thread on tracking sheets I read several posts on having individual ff's "sign" the "call sheet". Why? Someone said ... if they're audited"... has this happened? Am I as a training officer held responsible if a ff WAS at a drill event and received credit on the sheet, but they didn't sign in? Is the Chief responsible? I know in todays litigious society we will ALL be named should "bad stuff" happen, and even IF someone signs their name on the sheet that won't negate some of the other stuff? Just a few points to ponder, thanks!

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    On the back of your incident reports, list all your members with a column for "scene" or "station" that way there is no question as to who was on the scene or at the station (this also gives proof that you had the station staffed for possible multiple calls) As far as training, the form should list the instructor, length of trng, location, topics covered, list of trng aids used (proper book names and chapters, visual aides, ect..) the instructor should sign and each member sign. This ensures that yes, those people have received that trng. and that it was conducted with accredited materials. As for the lawsuit thing, lately alot of suits are only listing the IC and other sector officers, and some, the mayor or city council.... give me an email address and i will be happy to fax some lawsuit articles about this.. Hope this helps....

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