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    Post Daytime Training????

    I am a training officer in my dept. I'm looking for ways to implement "daytime training" for ff's who are available for daytime firefighting but NOT the normal training schedule (they work 3-11 or 4-12). As it is now all of our officers work daylight hours but several are available for daytime firefighting response.

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    Are dept is like that in away also. We have found out that most FF are availble on weekends and if not they can get a weekend off at least once a month. We now have drills on the third saturday of every month. Meetings on the first saturday of every month. Then there are other drills and exersizes during certain week nights as well. All FF have to make at least 8 of the saturday drills and meetings all others are optional.

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    We do a couple of things to help shift workers. Alternate drill credits allow them to collect a drill with 2 hrs of approved training at any time convenient to them. Duty crews get members together at times which are convenient to them and include 90 minutes of training as a minimum. Believe it or not, many are held between 8 and 1 on weekdays. We have several officers who are shift workers, but we also have firefighters who have prepared and presented day time training. One more thing, we open our daytime training sessions up to our surrounding companies, this usually gives us enough members to make training productive.

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