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    MIKE S Guest

    Question OSHA Training

    Please help I am the Chief of a Mid size Fire Company near Buffalo N.Y.
    The members of my fire company are having a hard time understanding why they need to do OSHA drills. Do Fire POlice have to have OSHA drills and do exterior Firefighters need to have the SCBA portion of the OSHA training.

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    Not sure on the Fire Police situation, since we don't run Fire Police units. I would think that they would need some portion, but I wouldn't want to do more than think for fear of giving you wrong info.

    As far as the Exterior FF's go, what types of criteria are used to determine Exterior vs. Interior? Are you going based on mandated physical exam? If so then I wouldn't bother with the SCBA portion for the Exterior FF's. If something should go bad down the road, you 'should' be covered by the fact that your doctor performing the exams labeled the individual as exterior. However, again if something goes bad down the road and that Exterior labeled individual was found to be wearing an SCBA (tested or not), you may want to assume the position and it is probably going to hurt??

    Just my thoughts, and I'll gladly discuss this some more if any one else has some other thoughts.

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    MIKE S Guest


    Thanks a lot for the information This is becoming a very sticky issue in our department what type of criteria does your Fire Department use.

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    I'll definitely have to agree with you on the 'stickiness' of the situation. We have the standard group that is opposed to anything that is a change, those that will accept it in the end, but not before a long discussion to explain every detail and then there are those who just accept it as required and will adhere to the change.

    With all that said, we are working on it in a couple of ways.

    BASELINE VITALS: Tested all members for their baseline(resting) BP and Heart Rate, followed by the elevated measure of the same items. There was no pass/fail mark, just a measurement.

    SCBA EXAM: All firefighters were given an in-house class on their SCBA. Not on the general things you learn in the academies, but on the others, such as the function of EACH part, emergency ops should a part fail, etc. Each FF was given a written exam including part identification and also a practical exam where they were given scenarios of problems with their SCBA and had to state what they would do to help themselves and work around the problem.

    FIT TEST/MED EXAM: Currently in the works, waiting the release of the town approved funds. I guess this is where it will all come down; when FF's get the actual letter stating whether they are qualified to be interior or not. I don't anticipate too much fun with this part, but it is a mandate with some pretty hefty financial penalties for non-adherance.

    Just try to remember one thing that I have told myself and other officers. As much as this is a headache to adhere to, it really is looking out for us in the end. Both us as a FF looking to safely return to his family and as an on-scene officer looking out for his men. There is a certain feeling of invincibility that many of us feel and sometimes you need a little wake up to realize that is not the case. I'd rather find out that a FF was not fit to be interior via this process than to drag them out of a scene.

    Hope this helps!! Post some more, I'm checking in on this one just about daily.

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