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    Post Initial training

    If I were to start being a Volunteer Firefighter, when would the training be? On weekends?

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    Kelly Tool
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    Hey JonJon, for my vollie department we have weekly drills that are on tuesday nights from 7-10. While they aren't mandatory, we encourage our firefighters to try and make as many as possible. In my department and many others you are required to take a basic/essentials course. For me it was done by the county and consisted of 14, 3 hour classes done on a week night. While there has been some weekend classes we try not to have training then as we know that volunteers do have lives and have other things to do on weekends. The best thing to do is to check with the department you want to join and find out about their training schedule and what courses they want you to take. Then check your schedule to see if it fits in. Good Luck

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    I guess the best way to answer your question is with a question...What do you mean by train? Do you mean formalized, mandatory, training? About once a week (if your lucky)you will have training with a volly squad. Once in a while, if we have a class that is very long we will have it over a couple weekends. For some reason though, its harder to get people to train on Sat morning than on Weds night. Now for the good news, if you mean train, as in learn all you can and be an asset to your squad, you can do that anytime your at the station. Every member of the team will have something to teach you (I swear its true, sometimes its just a little hard to find that something). I hope that this helps. Sorry if the previous edition of this post sounded negitive. Sleepy people should not be permitted to play on the computer without supervision. Stay safe


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    Jon, you didn't say where you are from but I'm sure voly FF training is mostly the same.

    My voly department has in-house drilling or training once a week on Thursday nights from 7:30 to 10:30. Some of the departments around us have "drill" on Mondays, some Tuesdays and one dept. drills on Wednesday.

    Drill consists of in-house training on anything, hose work, extrication, foam ops, haz-mat, etc. If it's during the cold snowy months, we have classroom training in the meeting room. Once a month we go to our county training center for smokehouse, search and rescue, fire attack and a number of other courses offered.

    For a new member, at least here in New York, as Kelly stated, a probie must take firefighting classes given by the county. They changed the name from "Essentials" to Basic FF, Intermediate and Advanced, to incorporate the same IFSTA standards as Firefighter I and II on a nationwide level.

    As for the rest of your training, most of it will be on the job with your officers guiding you and experienced members to support you and show you how things are done. You're overcoming the hard part already. You're asking questions and learning. Knowledge is a powerful thing, especially on the fireground. Mix that with a little common sense and you will be a great firefighter.

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    After you have become a volunteer in our area(3 different counties)and about 10 Fire Districts, you go to Structure Academy which consists of Tuesday & Thursday nites 6pm to 10pm for about 4 months & 3-4 Saturdays from 8am to 6pm.

    You cover the IFSTA basic book with study guide and a ton of other required reading.

    Testing occurs regularly during the training.

    When done you have completed about 160 hours of training. You then go back to your department for departmental specialzed training which usually is around 40 hours more.

    At my station you are assigned a mentor who is with you on the fire ground, though sometimes it never seems to work. You are not turned loose to go do anything, always someone with more years with yoou.

    In the spring, you then go back to the Academy for Wildland Fire School where you complete the NWCG Firefighter II training. this usually is T & TH again with 1 Saturday over the course of about 5-6 weeks.

    This completes basic training. At my Department you then can go to EMT school the following fall, which means you have a full year with the department.

    Also, we have a great training budget which allows many of us to go all over Washington State for additional training.

    Hope this helps. Don


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    If you joined our dept., you would start your rookie academy the following week. One or two nights a week and every other Saturday. After your FF academy is over (about 60 hours), you take Wildland Red Card Class (40 hours). Then, you can do 8 hours of station time a month and also attend regular dept. training on Wed. nights. We try to do most of our trainings at night during the week, unless we get a house for a training burn. As a new ffer, the first year on our dept. is a real killer. We try to make that really clear when we interview prospective members and spouses. Good luck and be prepared to give up a good portion of your life for a while if you want to be properly trained.

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