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    Lt. Richardson Guest

    Question Budget INfo.

    need info on budgets, my dept. has 25 paid on call members, covers 36 sq. miles with 2 bls units and full fire protection. would like info on total budget, member and officer pay, as well as equip. Our fire board is looking to revamp our woefully small budget. your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Stuart Cobb Guest


    We cover 35 sq. miles with a population of 6,000. We have three stations, 1 BLS ambulance which does about 400 calls/yr and 9 other pieces of apparatus.

    We have two paid guys on from midnight to 5:00 pm 5 days a week, the rest of the time (evenings and weekends is 100% volunteer).

    Payroll is approx $150,000 of which $50,000 comes from ambulance billing. The rest of the operating budget for all the stations is $222,000. (of that $40,000 is for long term debt). On top of all that, the town usually buys the trucks.

    Providing the equipment is the easy part, providing the people is the hard part.

    We are currently looking into some sort of stipend/paid-on-call/retirement program.

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