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    Question Has anyone ever wrecked a piece of apparatus?

    Have anyone who might be reading this ever wrecked a piece of equipment, or ran out of gas on the way to a call?

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    ok, I haven't but, my father wrecked a pumper, enroute to a fire. It wasn't his fault or any thing he done wrong> He was rounding a curv on a country road and road way gave away and the truck rolled do an embankment, my father had to removed from truck by other fire fighters responding.. he was taken to hospitail, with a couple broken vertabrea, He's ok and is still fighting fire with the dept..

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    Red face

    The reason for my posting this was we have had very bad luck with "bumping" into things on calls.

    We were special called for a forest fire in late summer of 1999, just as we walked away from our brush wagon, the company in front of us knocked their BW out of gear while turning the pump on. Boy, can I ever tell you I have never seen so many firemen diving into a ditch. When their BW hit ours they heard the crash about a half-mile away, but thankfully-for our sake- it only left a 6 inch deep, 3 foot wide "ding" in the front bumper. Of course no damage to their truck, except it sheered the booster line in half. Our truck went out of gear, bounced over the wheel chock, and one of our guys jumped in a window to hit the emergency brake, and it stopped two feet away from a PA DCNR fire attack truck.(Its not like they use them any way).

    **This is in no way related to the Sullivan County fire departments, 57, or 360!

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    In 1971 I was driving my volunteer fire department's open cab 1946 International Harvester 500 gpm Class B engine to a motel fire when the right rear dual wheels and axle became loose and slid out past the fender and running board. The extended wheels struck the rear of a brand new Oldsmobile which was being driven by an attorney. Two years later I was driving our 1968 American La France 1000 gpm Century engine when the right rear compartment door flew open. Before I could stop I had stuck nine parked cars near the courthouse ripping off every mirror, chrome strip, and door handle. Yes, one of the cars I hit belonged to the same attorney. In 1977 I was out doing extinguisher inspections with my paid department's small utility truck and had to respond to an alarm. I turned onto the street and shifted from second to third, but the shifter came out of the steering column. I wasn't in gear, starting coasting, and got rear ended by a police car as it rounded the corner. I hired the above attorney and sued.

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    This happened when I was still a volunteer in south/central Missouri. We got a new tower ladder in. The Chief asked me to pick it up at the local shop after some radio equipment was installed. I did this on June 17, 1994, when we had the truck in service for maybe two months.

    the horizon shifted suddenly, and I KNEW I had just become a candidate for the department's annual 'Oh ***** Award'...

    After this lil' incident, we started to get driver training on it, as it was definately a new breed of animal. I didn't realize that it would corner that sharp...

    Tip o' the leather to ya!

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    does driving through the engine room doors count . we had old wooden doors that would bounce off thier tracks . one guy threw it open and i hoped into the cab. the edge of the doors just caught the deck gun and down the came . we threw the wrecked doors on the ground and went to the call anyway. needless to say we bought new doors with electric openers after that

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    pvfr fyrfyter
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    Although I wasn't present at the time, the dept. that I was on in college had this individual who had a nasty habit of parking his car in front of the doors of the fire house while he went across the street to the VFW to get some libations. Despite numerous warnings, tickets, and towings the same thing continued to happen. Then one day, He parked so close to the door that you couldnt open it from the inside. Its amazing how a 1950 Reo/Studebaker 2.5 ton 6X6 can go through a wooden roll up garage door and push an old Oldsmobile 80 feet to clear the way to roll the units. Oh yeah the car was pushed sideways not lenghtwise.

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    Confession Time. I was driving a 1975 Seagrave Engine in 1985 to a MVA with a person reported to pinned under the car. I was following an ambulance to the same location. It was approximately 5 pm on a Friday (rush hour). We both came to a T intersection that we needed to make a left hand turn. The left hand turn lane was full of cars for approximately 1 block. The ambulance went into the right lane and proceeded into the intersection. I followed. Keep in mind that all warning systems were activated and our speed was very low (<10-15 mph). The ambulance proceeded through the intersection and I followed. As I entered the intersection (maybe ~5 mph), the lady sitting in the left hand turn lane turned and the Engine struck her car in the area just ahead of the passenger front door. Her car (1985 Ford Taurus Station wagon) was totaled due to bending the frame. The Engine had a scratch approximately 12 inches long on the lower compartment in front of the rear wheel.

    The driver told the police that she did not realize that the fire truck would be going to the same call as the ambulance. LOL.

    I became a much better driver that day. The realization of not reaching the call and therefore not helping the people that needed it or delaying that help had a big impact on me.

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    Can't say that I've had an accident while moving (knock on wood). But I did have two somewhat interesting incidents...

    1) We had ordered a new piece of apparatus that was due for delivery in a few weeks. A local shop associated with the manufacturer came by with a brand-new truck similar to ours that was being delivered. Of course, I crawled inside and out checking it out. It was delivered to it's department, and they rolled it over en route to their first call with it.

    2) A new company was started in nearby Maine that provided a helicopter ambulance service. They stopped in at our local hospital to show us the bird. Yep, they let me crawl around inside, etc. Two weeks later, it went down in Casco Bay in a storm while on a call. Flight medic and patient died.

    Since then, I don't touch other department's trucks or helicopters.

    Stay Safe.
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    I would like to ask why you want to know? I found the appartus vs private car accident I had about 20 years ago absolutly terrifying, and I still teach the lessons I learned from it to new personnel. The woman in the car had minor injuries, but it could just as easyily gone the other way. I usually do not talk about it to often, but I never forget the effects when I drive.


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    I have been lucky thus far, but all our folks can't say the same. We have one guy that pulled out of the building with our rescue truck a couple of years ago, not noticing that someone else had left a tray open - he took out a large section of the building, the overhead door and did a good job on the truck. The SAME person was recently backing the same truck into the building when another tray on the other side of the truck swung out - he left the building standing this time though, some significant damage to the truck, but only minor damage to the brick work.

    We had another in-duh-vidual who tried to turn this rescue truck around on a small residential street and ended up stuck in the mud. He tried to DIG out from under the wheel, (why I don't know) which of course firmly implanted the truck body on the pavement. The wrecker driver just shook his head...

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    Red face

    I wish i had a way to display the picture of one of our pumpers. It happened a while ago, and it was en route to a call. Now remember, this was back in the day when it was okay to ride on the back of the truck in harnesses. Well anywayz, a car darted out in front of them i guess, and when the engine swerved to miss it, they rolled it...rolled it right down the riverbank. The picture of it makes it look like the truck had been compacted at the junk yard. Amazingly noone was hurt. Now, a couple years ago a couple guyz took our ladder truck to a parade. On the way back, after an afternoon of drinking, they were screwing around and tried to switch drivers while it was moving and rolled it over. It was buried in the mud and took hours to get out. We've had the occational bumps and bruises on our trucks too, but nothing like those two i just described.

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    Here's one for ya:
    Our company got a brand new 2000 Pierce Aerial Skyarm, the only one in PA....Well, one night one of our drives (who's name shall remain un mentioned) decided that he was gonna back our new truck into the station. The guys were all standing in the back of the station and they all heard this horrible grinding sound. Sure enough, it was the side of our pride and joy against the firehouse wall. Well, we got the truck back the other week, and we also got the bill. $14,088......OOPS!

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