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    Question Smoke house ideas

    We have a 3 story brick training house.put a fire on the first floor and the second and third are used for searches. Knock the fire down, vent out the window and the drill is over. What things are other depts doing to put a twist on something that is getting same old same old.

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    We have the same type of building at our training facility.

    We do the same things you mentioned. We try to keep it simple the first couple of times but then add things to make it interesting. We have weighted dummies (155 lbs and 215 lbs) that we will place throughout the building for the search teams. Sometimes they are placed on the second floor, sometimes the third, sometimes just inside the doorway to either side. Victim removal takes on a whole new light when you have a 215 lb dead weight dummy to carry down from the third floor.

    Many times we do things like that just to see how quickly the FF's can think about victim removal. Can we take him out a window to the bucket of the tower/ladder, is there a fire escape or do they have to drag or carry this person dow the three flights.

    We also simulate injured or missing firefighters. This gives the F.A.S.T. or RIT team something to do.

    We also work on our fireground communications with the interior attack team and a roof or ventilation team.

    Do you have a thermal imaging camera???? Live burn training facilities are fantastic for thermal imaging training. Smoke the building up as smoky as you can make it. Use your thermal imaging camera team to do a search of the first floor and have a regular search team take the second floor. See how long it takes both teams to find the victim. If you don't have a TIC, see if any of your neighboring departments have one and if they would be willing to lend it to you for training.

    Unfortunately, if your department is like mine, where you have been training in the same building for 20 years, you get to know every corner of the building and searches do get boring.

    Some of the rooms in our training building have doors that will close completely with working doorknobs. Some are the stairwell doors. Have somebody stationed in the second or third floor search area. Wait for the search crew to enter a room and quietly close the door. If you have trained in reduced profile or SCBA self rescue, you can hook something to a FF airpack and watch him try to get untangled without taking his mask off.

    I won't hog the column. I tend to ramble. I'm sure there are many ideas I haven't thought of. Please somebody embellish what I forgot.....

    Engine/Rescue Lt. Kevin C. (aka Pokey)

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    We have the same type set-up... 4 story on one side, 3 story on the other, all inter connected with closable doors. I know this thing "blind-folded". One drill we did recently was a search and rescue with no lights and no hoseline... only a rescue rope and we responded "fast" team to a ff down scenario. We didn't know where he was, we handled it like a "missing ff" who went "into the warehouse" to search for a possible missing person/"homess person". All I can say is this was one that "rattled MY cage".

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    O.K. are dept memmbers (most of them anyway) all know are 2 story traning center like the back of are hands. well we use to but we figured out a way to change that. Now we can convert any room to any size any even make rooms in rooms. How? Simple get some plywood and 2x4's and build some walls. ya dont need tall walls remmber your searching on your knees so just tall enough so FF's can realize there is a wall there. If ya place them properly around you can even make rooms inside of rooms. We know longer know were we are going in there any more. We also change things as we go. Example, tell FF's inside when there ready to get out of building that there way out has now been blocked by the fire and now have to find another way out. Heres somthing else to do ask all your FF's what it is they fear most about being in a buring buliding, excluding the obvious like flashovers ect. Then use that at training exersize. Put your FF's threw all training hazards that you can think of or heard of happening so you can be better prepared for it in reality.
    just my thoughts along with what we have done to liven things up. STAY SAFE

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