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    town/dept Guest

    Question training dummy

    What kind of training dummy would you by?

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    FFTrainer Guest


    I would recommend Rescue Randy from Simulaids. This is the manakin used in the FF Combat Challenge. Comes in various weights. 150 lbs is a good working weight to use repeatedly in training drills.

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    Bob Snyder Guest


    Actually, none...

    A few sections of 2 1/2" or 3" hose and some duct tape works fine and, if the hose is old and OOS, costs next to nothing. Why pay for something that you can make with materials on hand??

    Basically, you take the hose and fashion it into a big circle, 2 or 3 layers deep, connect the couplings so that you have no loose ends, then start pulling it together into the shape of a body, using duct tape to tape off the neck, shoulders, waist, thighs, etc.

    You need to be a little creative, but if you try it, you'll see how it falls together. One section of hose rolled more tightly gets you an infant or child, 3 or 4 packed into a large form (or two-high) gets you somebody my size. :-)

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    sarge552 Guest


    Bob, you hit the nail right on the head!! The only thing you need to do is get a jumpsuit for the dummy and you're set! You could also dress it up in hand me down clothes-mens or womens,make it real-thats how it'll be when we have to go on the real call, lets train that way!! Have fun and stay safe.

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    Aerial 131 Guest


    Buy Rascue Randy, two differnt weights, replaceable parts, easy to repair and can take a real beating.


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    Kelly Tool Guest


    I agree with Bob and sarge, we just made one out of hose, it was one of those "why didn't i think of it" ideas, cheap, and easy to do, good for low budgets.

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    FFTrainer Guest


    Agreed on the hose dummy, since that is what I am currently using until my funding gets released at the end of the month by our "Powers that be" in town.
    The hose dummy definitely works and is great for a low budget, but after using it a couple of times with other area depts and on demos, I think that if you can come up with the cash, go for Randy -- he's just about indestructible. You can do whatever you want to him, put him in a car for extrication -- you can even get a collar on him and do stabilization.

    Price tag for the 105lb model is approx. $599 and the 165lb model is approx $800. A little pricey but should be a 1 time investment.

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    Firefighter4 Guest


    Hose is cheap, in this situation you get what you pay for. Hose is no where near the real thing. I recommend Rescue Randy. He feels just like a human and weighs like one. Hose acts noting like a real body.

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    mark440 Guest


    I would have to side with Rescue Randy. He is very lifelike, and totally indestructible. We used him in live burn, he survived, a little 3rd degree burn to the back of the head but his brains stayed in. We have used him for years. He doesn't mind having the "boot" carry him down the ladder and have the s*** scared out of him and he can handle a slight fall like that.

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