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    Post CPR for fundraiser?

    Our small town (pop. 1000) fire department has been looking for some ideas for fundraisers. I just came up with the idea of having a CPR and/or first aid class or classes for a fundraiser/PR event. We've asked a couple of people who said they would pay $10-20 for a good CPR class. Has anyone ever tried this? If so how did it work? Any other ideas or insights are more than welcome!

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    our dept tried this last month. its a great idea, we have a raffle and expo every year also so we combined it into one day. Try opening it to other town residents by putting up flyers at neighborhood grocery stores. We offer to show residents what we do. We call junkyards for cars to donate and we do a live car fire(at a great distance of course) and show our response and dispel movie myths about car fires. coffee and sweets a must.

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