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    Question Funding Problems

    Hello fellow Vollies, I am the President of a small rural fire company in PA with three pieces of apparatus, a pumper, tanker and squad vehicle and we have a dilema. As many of you know, many volunteer companies rely on donations and fundraisers for income.
    We are looking at replacing out 1975 Hahn pumper with a new 75 ft Pumper-Aerial because of changing demographics in the area. However there is no way we can sell enough Chicken Bar-B-Ques to fund such a vehicle. Our local communities look like they will give us some assistance but we still need to generate a lot of money.
    We are looking for grant money to help us along but we are new at this game and have no idea where to look.
    We are asking for your help if anyone knows where to obtain grant money to give us some information as to where to locate them. We are also interested in knowing if there are any fundraising idea's you have to help us as well. Currently we conduct Breakfast's, Chicken Bar-B-Ques and Pizza Sales but that is not enough.
    Not only am I looking for your help but I am sure there are other volunteer companies in the same boat as us and your help will probably benefit other companies as well because as Volunteers we are all one in the same.
    Thanks a lot my brother and sisters, stay safe and remember when the lights are shining the federals are whining


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    I know where you're coming from. I'm with a department with a 75 Grumman pumper, brush buggie, and two modified oil trucks as tankers. There's way too many of us out there in this, or worse, shape. I wish you luck and maybe I can use some of the ideas offered to you here as well.

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