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    Question recruitment posters?

    i am on a small rural volly dept. which is losing several members to college in the fall. we are trying to recruit some new, hard-working, and dedicated individuals to become part of our team. i was wondering if anyone had examples of recruitment posters that they wouldn't mind me looking at. thank you in advance and stay safe out there. my email is whatever711@hotmail.com

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    My dept just recently changed the age limit to 17 yrs old, before you had to be 18 and out of school, this caused some problems because as the kids got out of school they already had their minds made up on what their going to do with their life or leaving for college. We are trying to get younger people in because are most active members or 40-70 yrs old. We have posted posters but we didn't get much of a response. Try posting a message on a message board out front of the station, a banner on the station, letters in the local papers or send out some mailings. Still use the posters, use pictures of your members doing things around the station or on calls and use bright colors also, This helps get peoples attention.


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