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    My volunteer fire company located in PA is looking at starting an EMS transport service. We currently run QRS service. We do not have a lot to spend for start up. We are wondering if anyone out there knows of anyone that may have reasonably priced vehicles and equipment or if anyone knows of some dept. or agency who would be willing to donate an adequate vehicle or equipment. Thank you in advance. Stay safe out there.

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    A good start is to check with your local EMS services. Some will sell older equipment and ambulances extremely cheap to fire departments or even donate them. You might even check with your area hospitals, they may have grants for equipment or sell you used equipment.

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    A good way to start is look at local businesses, and insurance companies. Try to get goverment or County grants. Another solution is Matching funds, that are usually prompted by insurance companies.

    **My opinion is in no way related to the Sullivan County Fire Dept.

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