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    gls779 Guest

    Question trouble members

    We have three or four members that that run a large number of calls. However they also think they own the company and should make all the decisions. Two of this members are involved in most of the arguments in the co.
    The worst one will go out of her way to aggravate people her does not like until they quit.
    There are several of us who have a family and kids, jobs that requir more then 40 hrs at times. I have two kids, I work 3rd shift, my wife works 2nd shift yet I keep my average above the required amount. If I'm not around for 3 or 4 days I get harassed about were I've been. There are several people who will not run call's when they know she is runing. Need some ideas on how to get people to get along.

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    E21 Guest

    Red face

    First off the age of this person sounds like she is about 19 years old and just joined the dept. I think that a supperior officer (LT.,CAPT,ASST.CHIEF, OR THE CHIEF) need to have a little talk with her, if all the memmbers feel she is a pest. We have guys here that run most of the calls too, but there a little understanding to the fact that others have harder jobs then them. My only advice too you is to talk to her first tell her how you feel and if that fails then speak to your LT.

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    bob1350 Guest


    Well, as a division chief with a volunteer dept, I know that there are those volunteers that run lots of calls (we have over 4,000 calls a year) and try to make those that don't run as many feel guilty. This sort of thing should be handled through the chain of command of officers and chiefs. I've seen lots of young firefighters in our dept. burn themselves out because they think they have to run every call, join every specialty team, and be every where. Not everyone joins a volunteer dept. for the same reason. Of course, personally, I might tell this person to just go F*** themself if they bugged me about the amount of calls I go to. That would not be the chiefly thing to do. They need to be coached and counseled so they can find a balance in their lives.

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    WOODMAN Guest


    First of all sorry to hear of your problem.I
    make about 95% of our calls,it happens since I work in the town and own a business,but I will never get on somebody how can make 30% of the calls,I would like it if we someone who worked 3rd shift,hey with people hard to come by if the perform good and show up we are happy and if I here any one getting on someone else I let them know that as chief I will handle it.
    But do go to your officer's and let them know how you feel and if he are any good they will handle it.

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    pfpchief Guest


    i recamend visiting and reading his commintarys from last month . as the chief in my company i do not tolerate people who are trouble makers no matter how many things they do or calls they make . if my people want to agrue then they have to keep it outta my building cause here you have to work with eveyone whether you like them or not . you may have to depend on that guy to save your never know .if they cannt play with the other kids then they deal with me .we are a team and everyone cotriutes as much as they can .that attitude starts at the top .your problem is not how to get people to get along . its poor or ineffective leadership. someone has to draw the lines and make the rules . and they better be the same for everyone . nothing like playing favorites to discredit yourself as a leader

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    MVFD108 Guest


    Hello, Just a quick question.Are these members doing anything else other than running every call that comes out.Theres training,hose testing,cleaning the station,& other duties that need attention other than running calls.We tell are new members that running calls is about 10% of what needs to be done.These members are probibly wanting a pat on the back because they think they are doing it all so kill them with kindness and tell them how good of a job they are doing then give them a project to take care of like testing hose on a pumper or waxing th trucks.Put all that energy to good use.

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    Brian Dunlap Guest


    I Think every company through out this country has a couple of members who are the "Bad Apples" of the barrel if you will...You even have those that think they are gods gift to firefighting-- I have found that by ignoring them and moving on life is better-- I to work 3rd Shift and have the House, the Wife, and a 4 month old son so yes I to get the "If you came around once in a while" Attitude from some of my fellow commrades who make the 75 to 80% per month verses my 30%--- But for gls779 sounds to me like there is a serious problem brewing in your station-- An officer needs to get involved and tell these Trouble Makers enough is enough....Good Luck

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    NCRSQ751 Guest


    It's hard when you are a volunteer department. It seems that you always have a few that run all the calls and are hell bent to burn out. They expect the same of everyone else and are incapable of understanding why others do not (can not) have that same level of dedication.

    It goes in cycles. They will eventually burn out and someone else will take their place. The important part is that your officers must keep it in check.

    Just because there are some folks that run a lot of calls, the contributions of the rest should never be diminished. The person that can only put in their basic minimum duty shifts should be given the respect they deserve for being there and doing that. They are most likely giving all they can, which is still more than the other 90% of the world that gives your department nothing.

    Seeing value in each individual member and their personal accomplishments is not just important, but VITAL. No department can survive on 4 or 5 members.

    If they are harassing other members, they need a reality check from above. If they are the officers, go to the board, or approach them as a group.

    Do so in a manner such that they do not feel attacked. Provide constructive solutions, don't just complain.

    Remember, volunteers are just unpaid professionals - therefore we must act accordingly.

    Susan Bednar
    Captain - Forsyth Rescue
    North Carolina Strike Force 1

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    town/dept Guest


    Talk to this person 1 on 1. then the next 1 on 1. when you take them out of the group they change their tune. Think about what you want to say and have a plan. When they see it in your light they will change. IF NOT BRING IN THE BIG GUNS. At least you tried yourself first. Good Luck!!!

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