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    Brian Dunlap
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    Angry Another FireFighter Arrested/In the News

    I Have learned of a Fire Chief from a NJ Community {Name of the town not important} that has been arrested for being a "Peeping-Tom"...on a most recent count to a 16 y/o girl at a shopping mall...Video Camera mounted in a shopping bag so that it could be placed to "Peak up a skirt"...It really makes you wonder what types of people are joining our fire companies these days and this guy is a chief or assistiant chief not exactly sure...No wonder the public often looks down on its volunteer fire companies Unlike the Chicago case which has yet to be proven there was evidence shown on public television of the camera, how it was used, and the guy's picture shown for all to see This guy is/was a commanding officer of a NJ Fire Company and I would think should have had the smarts not to do this in the first place and if he felt a driving force to do so should have sought help for his "problem" Wondering what others think...Post your thoughts

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    Jim M.
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    Brian, not sure what you're implying here - "...No wonder the public often looks down on its volunteer fire companies... "

    What does this have to do with being a volunteer? There are sick people in this world. Some of them are teachers, some of them are religious leaders, some of them are policemen, firemen (both paid and volunteer) etc. Would you have made the statement "...No wonder the public often looks down on its school crossing guards...". Generalizations are always wrong.

    I hope I'm misunderstanding your point, but please don't interject the "volunteer" issue where it's not pertinent.

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    I understand where both of you are coming from. There are alot of sick people in this world and there is nothing we can do about that. This world we live in gets worse and worse everyday. Even though we are volunteers we are all professional. They only difference is that we don't get a pay-check every week for our duties to the community.

    As for Jim I understand where the other guys is coming from. For years the volunteers fire service has been put down by either career dept's or the citizens themselves. Because maybe there wasn't enough personnal around or maybe the response time was slow. I don't think he meant any harm towards vol. services.

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    Brian Dunlap
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    Absolutley Correct....I ment no harm towards the Volunteer Profession I am a strong/Active Volunteer myself and was only making a general statement with regards to the way the general public views it's volunteer firefighters....Thank-You FF ForeEver for clearing this up....Didn't mean to ruffle anyones feathers

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