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    Question volunteer on-call system

    I am seeking information from volunteer fire departments that have engineers (driver/operators, mpo's, or whatever else you may call the person behind the wheel) on-call. If any system is known, are the personnel paid or is it truly volunteer on-call. My department is toying with the notion of putting two engineers and one officer on call nightly 6p to 6a. Any submitted information will be helpful.

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    We have two paid on duty at the station 24 hours, how ever we also have 5 vollys trained to drive the remaining appratus. during the day sometimes there is problems gettin all the appratus rolling in a good time frame but after about 4pm there usually is never a problem. You can try putting voll-on-call if ya want or just simpley put up a sign up sheet for guys who would be availble that pitcular day if an alarm comes in.

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    We go with the first qualified driver through the door is the one who drives...and we also have some older members that generally do the driving anyway {Our 20 and 25 Year Guys} Mostly everybody in the company is qualified to drive something {We have four pieces} If your company is having a driver problem and needs to pay personnel to be there then it is a good system to go with....But again like I said Our company prety much everybody drives something and the drivers are usually the guys who live the closest to the hall and get there first..

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    While I appreciate the replies so far, I am still not getting the answer that I am looking for. I will rephrase it for all who read these posts in hopes I get what I am looking for specifically.
    I want to know which fire departments (names)enlist their volunteers to take "on-call" hours as driver/operators. The departments that utilize this system, is it strictly volunteer or is there some type of incentive (eg. money).
    Maybe this will help, so I can find the answers I am looking for.
    Everyone please continue to respond, drop a line even if your dept does not do this but you know or have heard of a dept that does.

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    KDD 20-PAT....We do not use the on call system except for the hours of 11pm to 6am in this case the chief selects 5 members each month one of which is a captain or lieutenant and four firefighters to respond the entire month for calls which usually require one engine to respond...The other 35 Members can stay asleep or if they want come out which some do and most don't There is no incentive offered for it but no one ever complained and keep in mind we only run maybe 3 to 4 Mid-Night Calls per month anyway
    Now any call during the mid-night hours that would be for a house or building fire....automatic alarm....vehicle rescue..ect...the whole station is expected to respond which again most of the guys will get out of bed...Also the Duty Crew people don't "sleep-in" at the station we all respond from home to the hall hope this is what you needed

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