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    Question alarm penalties

    Does your dept. penalizes owners of fire alarms that go off more then once a month? We are trying decide if a fine is a good idear to get some home owners and buildings to fix alarms that go off more then once a month for no reason. If you do fine how much and how do you base it, (per piece of appratus or per # of alarms) ect. Just lookin for info on this subject. THANK YOU

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    LynFD49 Guest


    False alarm reporting, follow thru, and fining falls under the office of the Codes Enforcement Officers. An apointed or elected position, they are responsible for making the business/home owners aware of the problems and costs associated with nusiance and/or false alarms. First offences are usually just a written warning with a suggestion to get the system serviced. Second offence gets you a $50.00 fine (varies by area) and Third offences gets you a $250.00 fine and your alarm is taken out of service until you prove to Codes that it has been serviced (again).
    It varies from town to town, but atleast you have the idea. If you dont have Codes enforcement officers, consult your local PD to see if they can issue a ticket for you. Chasing down a landlord for a malfunctioning detector head is purely an administrative job. Let someone in authority in the town/village/county do it...stick to what you know and do, awarness, protection, and supression

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    FFTrainer Guest


    For false alarms(system malfunction only), we do 3 times in a month and you get a fine from the town. Not sure the dollar amount, but it has definitely worked. Our false alarm numbers are way down which is good since for some reason alarms only like to malfunction at 4:15 in the morning on weeknights?!?!

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    Looper Guest


    First 2 false alarms per year are free. After that, it's $200 or $300 (I forget) for each. We have a couple of buildings that are exempt (unfortunately) from the fees. The hospital is one -- we get around 8 per month there. (Usually, burnt popcorn in the nurses lounge).

    Legislation in Texas recently changed to make it easier to collect on fines.

    Something we have done is to have the dispatcher attempt the callback PRIOR to dispatching the call. This eliminated about 120 calls last year. If the alarm is cancelled prior to dispatch, we don't count it at all. It saves us money on dispatching costs -- we are charged on a per call basis.

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    iwood51 Guest


    Burnt popcorn in the nurses' lounge is not a false alarm. Something triggered it, and it worked correctly. A false alarm is when there is no definitive source of the alarm activation.

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    FirefighterReed Guest


    We live out in a very rural county so there aren't too many buisnesses here. The very few that are out here don't have any fire alarms though so we don't have to worry about false alarms from them. We have a lot of problems with people calling in on pay phones and reporting false alarms and then saying they are somebody else and giving someone else's phone # and address. Has anyone ever encountered that?

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    Looper Guest


    Yes you are correct about the burned popcorn. I should have distiguished bewteen false alarms and B.S. alarm calls. We still get plenty "unknown source" alarm system activations from the hospital. They usually call and cancel, just aboutthe time the engine pulls up.

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