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    Exclamation Need to buy used/new Minitor II pagers

    Our department is trying to switch back to the Minitor II pagers from the Minitor III's because the III's are nothing but crap. If anybody has any for sale or knows where some are for sale could you please reply to this post or e-mail firefighter@wireco.net

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    I agree, we have had nothing but problems with our Minitor III's.

    The full two page statements from Motorola
    in the various Fire Service publications,
    regarding receiving problems/complaints,
    indicates the magnitude of the malfunctions.

    Maybe, with enough complaints, Motorola will return to their most reliable Minitor II.

    Try the following link for re-conditioned
    Minitor II's.

    Corrected address: www.pwservice.com

    Note: The sarcasm in some of the responses in this forum only indicate the ignorance of some people in the Fire Service.

    Instead of trying to work together, these people look only to criticize and attack others.

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    We have approximately 25 Minitor 2 pagers for sale. They are low band with channel one presently set at 33.700 MHz. Some have 2nd channel 33.56 installed, some don't. We would prefer to sell them as a batch and keep them in the fire service. Pagers were in active servcie till last week when we went to UHF Minitor 2's. Please drop me a line if interested.


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    Motorola return to Minitor IIs??? Are you trying to make some salesman somewhere die from laughing???

    The Minitor IIIs are what they make, and their mis-steps with introducing such a hunk of junk shows Motorola's interest in such "traditional" products pretty clearly.

    If you haven't realized it, Motorola is slowly phasing out their conventional radio systems. There is *much* more money in the trunked radio market with it's $3,000 portables and radio sites every other block than $1,000 low band radios with fifty mile ranges from a single tower.

    I'm pretty sure we'll not see a Minitor IV -- for the simple reason Motorola will discontinue voice paging after the current generation has run it's course. Very few industries outside of the fire service use voice paging so it's a small market. Next up is Alphanumeric. That'll mean Motorola no longer has to put engineering resources into R&D for voice pagers -- that they're already radically scaling it back is evident from how bad the Minitor IIIs where and that it took 6+ months for permenant fixes to be developed after Motorola finally acknowledged the flaws.

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