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    Question Fundraising Ideas!!

    I was just wondering what some of the departments are doing or have done in the past to raise money for the department. I know most of you departments are funded by goverment but a lot of volli. depts. aren't.

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    We have a dept. up in the canyon that is west of us. They are controlled by the same rural board that partially funds our dept. In some ways, we are one, because we fight fires together and take care of each other. Every August the BIG THOMPSON CANYON FIRE DEPT. holds the best darn party you could ever go to. They hold an annual auction to raise money for their dept.(they don't even really need to do this anymore, but it's too much fun!!). They get local folks to donate stuff: wine, hand made furniture, honey. They get gift. certs. limited edition prints, pewter stuff. You get the idea. Its also a bar-b-cue with beer and live music and held in Drake, Colorado. This year it will be on Aug 12. We will have a lot to celebrate up there this year considering the mountain damned near burned down. So, FirefighterReed, throw a auction/party!!

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    Every Year we host a Huanted House it runs for two Nights,, it makes great money and we use a building donated by a citizen,, Every Labor Day we have a GREAT BIG B-B-Q on the side of the road and it does well also,,, we have had Huge Garage Sales and even a Dunk a Cop Booth,, Being a Cop I was very wet,, Your only Limited by your imaginanation,,, The biggest hurdel is advertisement if you waite to the Last Day you will not have half the attendance as if you advertised 3 wks in advance

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    We host a free will donation pancake feed. What is best about this, the local division of a multi state power company purchases all of the supplies and we take care of the rest. Everything earned is pure profit. They do it for their promotion and handle all the advertising.
    The county next to us has a firemans ball every year since I can remember. It brings in a lot of money for their dept.
    Check with the national offices of organizations like the Jaycees, Kiwanis, Lions Club, etc for fundraising ideas. I always thought a "topless car wash" would be fun. You know, wash the bottom of the car for free and then charge $5.00, 10.00 or
    whatever to wash the top. Hope it helps.

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    Every Third Saturday of the month between September-May, our members come together and put on "Pizza Night," it started a very long time ago, my father remembers when if they sold 20 pizzas in a night it was good, now we are between 150-180 doughs, and we have just recently started making antipastas. Many of the same people return each month, new people come too.
    Our other BIG fund raiser is the local apple fest. we are the main food source, food ranging from cotten candy and nachos to hamberghers, zitti, hot dogs, french fries, and saugage and peppers.

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    This year will be the 28th Annual Turkey Dinner. Last year we cooked 76 turkeys and still ran out of meat. We are able to get some townsfolks to help cook the turkeys. It is take-out or All-You-Can-Eat eat in. The local grange allows us to use their hall and kitchen. They have all the plates, pots, pans, etc. that we need

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    We use to hold a GAS-O-RAMA. All the fire fighters would go pump gas, wash windshields etc.. at the local gas station for so many hours hours on a Saturday, and the dealer would donate the profits for the time that we were there working. Haven't done it since gas prices went crazy, but It worked really well when gas was cheaper. Gave us good community relations also.

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    we hold a hoagie sale the third sat of every month. we slice the meat and produce on fri and start making em at 6 am . we drive the engines through our town with the sirens blaring and lights flashing we sell out every month

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    here is a web site for you to check out.

    this site says that it helps to find funding for volunteer depts.

    I have not had time to check it out fully so let me know if it is a legit site.

    also, i have posted another site in the vollie forum, that states it helps with funding also. I don't have the site name with me so please talke a look at it if you run across it. let me know if this link does not work and I will email it to who ever would like it.

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    My department has started selling address signs. They are a great way to get driveways marked and raise a little money in the process. The signs are about 10X5 and made of aluminum. Our signs are yellow with the department name printed across the top in blue, but you can get them in any color. The signs are highly reflective and easy to see at night. Our total cost (sign, numbers, and mounting post) is about $10 per sign. We sell them for $15.00 installed, but I have seen other departments sell them for more. We have been doing for about a year now, and people seem to be happy with them. If you have any questions or would like more info, pix, etc, let me know.


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    Each year my company has a Corvette raffle which does extremely well; it is our top money maker. I'm not sure of the details of how we get the car, but one of our members is a Corvette enthusiast and coordinates getting one and selling tickets. We use our website to advertise this as well as locally and people love it. Click on my link below and then go to General Fund Raising Information to see a picture of this year's car and a bit more info. Hope this helps. Good luck, take care and be safe.

    Phil Clinard
    Laurel VFD
    Prince George's Co Sta 10
    Laurel, MD

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    hey did ya every try having a monte carlo night(casino games) you can make a ton of money we had one last fall and it was a huge succsess we are having another one in october or november.

    by the way check us out on the web www.drexelhillfire.com

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    Outside of doing something like a clambake the most interesting idea for ponying up some money is to be a sponsor for a charity bike ride/race. Believe me, local bike stores are more than willing to help with stuff. I have even heard of a couple of volly stations having bicycling teams that get sponsors who give money to their programs.

    Thanks for it all, Pete

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