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    Post Do you have rivalry between dept's

    I my area there is so much rivalry between stations that it makes me sick. Certain stations have this huge "ego" problem, that they think they are too good to work with certain other companies. They fail to reason that we are all volunteers, and we are here for the people of the community. People depend on us, and they don't care-- who has their full name, station number and company number on their turn-out coats, or if they can do rope rescue--when that persons house is burning!!! So the question is, Do any of you experience rivalry with mutual-aid, or second in companies?

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    Not twice.

    I'm in charge of my department's FAST/RIT. When we respond to other districts we keep our eyes and ears open and our mouth shut.
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    fire guy same around here big city fire depts dont want to work with townships because they think there too good

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    my town we get along pretty good with neighboring towns. We respond to atleast 5=10 M/A calls into the town across the river a month. We find no reason to have rivalry because we all do the same job around here no matter what size the town or dept.

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    George Wendt, CFI
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    Rivalry's between FD's are good. They promote pride and spirit.

    They are also why they invented softball fields. Deal with them there and not on the fireground.

    Did you ever notice that the guy with the burning house usually doesn't give a rat's butt who shows up to put it out as long as they put it out?

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    Thumbs up

    I am glad to say that the surronding Depts. in my area work very well together. In fact, we do have drills that have 2 or more stations out using our equipment together. We also invite and have been invited to special training in house. We just had a small fire wich required us to see the bottom of our house bed. We called a niegboring company in to assist us as a precaution. The other company was on our truck repacking our hose for us as we were doing overhaul and wrapping other things up. Now, that is support and teamwork as far as I am concerned.

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    We used to have a problem like that. I run with a Volunteer dept. with two Companies. Uptown (company 1) is the "We are the rescue/ladder Co." Downtown (co. 2) is the "Engine/Ambulance Co." Things used to be really bad until we got rid of a few old time seperatists, and started reall working on dept. relations, Things aren't perfect yet but now we are working together as a dept. and not 2 seperate companies.

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    Brian Dunlap
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    We have a great working relationship with the other communities around us thank god !! But I have herd of so many who don't...Why ? we'll never know I'm sad to report. This is kind of historical in a way rivalry between departments has been going on since the Ben Franklin Days of Firefighting....This Company thinks they are better then that company...Our Colors are better then their colors and so on....That was then....Now rivalry exists alot over big egos and who fights fire better then who and who's trucks won or lost at a parade or a convention...It's really a bunch of bull-sh**
    if you ask me....We are all in this together some for diffrent reasons I'm sure but we all have a job to perform when the beeper goes off no matter if we belong to a fire company with all the latest gadgets and toys or the rual company struggling to survive!! In simple terms there should NEVER EVER be any kind of rivalry between fire companies especially ones that work together on mutial-aid and the like--- Some diffrences of opinion and a hand full of individuals who dislike someone else you will always have but full company rivaries are simply un-called for !! ***"Can't we all just get along"***

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    Things here have come "leaps and bounds" in the past five years.. When I first came to this department there was a downright hatred between some of the departments in our county.. But with a LOT of work on both sides of the fences.. We've managed to establish a pretty good working relationship with our other departments.. Matter of fact we've just recently expanded our efforts to include the Career departments just to our east...

    However this is not to say that in our annual FD games events that there is not a LOT of good fun compitition... But that is where it stays...

    James "Doc" Tarpley
    Battalion Chief
    Department Safety Officer
    North Tooele County VFD

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    I agree with everything BrianD. reports! The simple case is, our company does everything a rural volunteer company might have to do in this changing world, From forest fires to hazmats, to mass casuality crashes. A neighboring company has decided to leave its 250 sq mile coverage area up to other companies because their ego is to big! They spent a 90,000.00 grant on rope and swift water rescue gear, that was supposed to be for structure fire equipment for their community-there isn't any cliffs in the town, or creeks for that matter and there isn't even a river in the county, there are state parks, but only 3 or 4 falls in the park a year. They have one truck for structure fires, and 4 - for rescues. When they do have a fire 30 men in full gear and empty SCBA tanks stand out side and wait for the remaining companies to arrive and put out the fire, they usually overhaul by tearing everything apart, and for chimney fire the set right to work by ripping the walls off the house, causing more damage than the fire. They usually stand around and talk about rope rescue, usually try to get the home owners into it, and simply believe they are too good to help someone that is not really really RICH!

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    I must say that the relationships with our neighboring companies are very good. We have two companies within 4 miles of our company and whenever we have a call, depending where it is located, one of the two companies are automatically dispatched as well. One of the companies are experts at vehicle rescues so for an MVA, we only stabilize the vehicle and prep it and they do the rest. However, we have a crack firefighting crew and when one of the other companies have a fire, we are automatically dispatched because they know we are damn good firefighters. So, in reality it is a win-win situation.

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    Kelly Tool
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    We have rivalries at my dept. mostly what happens is that 2 people that don't like each other will become chiefs of the rivalry depts. Then because the cheifs have egos everyone goes along. When it comes to fires, we have been passed up because of a rivalry, but usually we now have good cheifs that try to think with their brains and not their egos. Usually the guys get along, it is the higher ups that cause rivalries.

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    Bob Snyder
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    Our situation is very good in this respect, and has been for some time. I can remember the days when some companies would literally run apparatus right past other stations that were closer, just to avoid using them for mutual aid. That sort of crap is ancient history, at least between the companies in my immediate area.

    We still do hear rumblings from the distance, though. As mutual aid agreements and personnel shift with the times, these things flare up and die down. Much of the time, it's the same people who caused dissent and trouble one place, then left or were tossed out, and who now are somewhere nearby doing the same thing all over again.

    Some people are just jacka**es...that's a universal constant. The key is to ignore them and go on about the business of doing your job as well as you possibly can. We have a company "philosophy" that runs something like this: If you want our help, call us and we'll be glad to do whatever we can for you; if you don't want our help, shut up and leave us alone...we'll be glad to stay home in bed.

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    ***Opinions and Observations are strictly my own and do not reflect the position of any Fire Departments mentioned herein***

    There are 17 rural fire departments in our county, and three or four fire departments responding to a structure fire is the norm, so we really don't have time for rivalries in the negative sense. We even mutual aid on medicals fairly often when the call is close to a district border, and some departments have mandatory mutual aid for certain types of calls with other close departments.

    Then there's the City of Superior career department in the Northeastern corner of the County. They absoutely will NEVER call on the county for mutual aid, even though the front line staffing is only three engines and a chief. Reasons include:
    * Some members feel that vollies are unprofessional and/or undertrained. I concede they've had a few opportunities to prove their point, though it is hardly a universal problem.
    * The firefighters union feels (rightly so)that the city might take advantage of volunteers to rationalize cutting staffing levels more than already done, or even converting to 100% volunteer.
    * If push came to shove, Superior could call on Duluth (MN) Fire across the bridge (city limits are adjacent) for mutual aid. Duluth has nine engines, three ladders, and various support rigs. However, Superior has for as long as I can remember, avoided calling Duluth for help even on major fires. It *appears* to be an ego/image thing ("we don't need your help", etc), but this is only my personal observation. If anyone from Superior sees this, I invite and welcome clarifications. As a candidate for Superior Fire, I certainly don't want to offend anyone!

    In the reverse, City of Superior Fire has been more than willing and quite helpful assisting us with a few fires close to the city limits that were a real handful.

    Frank Billington, #11
    Town of Superior Fire Online

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    Philip C
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    There are numerous rivalries in my area. My company is in the northern most part of Prince George's County, bordered by 3 other counties, which makes for a little competition when trying to beat the other companies into their own first due. This also holds true for us & our surrounding county stations. The rivalries are sometimes stronger in this county among the busier stations- you may have heard of the members of two volunteer companies who fought inside a house, after a fire was put out, over who got there first! More damage was caused by battling each other than battling the blaze . There isn't ANY room for that kind of mentality, but if kept in perspective, rivalry can be a good thing. Take care and be safe.

    Phil Clinard
    Laurel VFD
    Prince George's Co Sta 10
    Laurel, MD

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