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    Our last "worker" was April 1999. A cheese factory. Not even mutual aid calls.

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    We are kind of busy at my station -- in the last 80 days we have had 101 fire calls! Of that 101 at least 35 were working structure fires that involved us having 2 other station responding on auto mutual aid that is standard policy in our county.

    We do not count vehicle fires, or brush fires unless they are close to a residence. If a brush fire is large we can call for other station, but that only happens about 30% of the time.

    We were requested to assist our city stations the other day on a brush fire that involved 6 stations, 20 units and about 80 firefighters for over 4 hours.

    Our normal responces for a single year is 300 to 350 but it looks like this year we will be above that. Our station has one engine 1999 KMC 1500 gpm one tanker 5 years old 1600 gallons, and one brush truck. We have 21 firefighters and are able to respond at least 8 during the daytime.

    Best of luck to all firefighters.


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    Our last working fire was yesterday. We were called mutial aid for a structure in a town called Corinth. We sent 1 engine company 1 tanker and the cascade unit. We arrived on scene with heavy smoke coming from the residence. Started a interior attack, but were pushed back by heavy heat. All in all the call went pretty well.

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    Brian Dunlap
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    Well we finally had one !!! A Small apartment fire with extensive damage to the bathroom....Not much to right home about but I thought I should share it since I started this

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    We recently had a stint of structure fires every sunday, we could almost set a clock to it. Surprisingly not a single arson, just a electric short that started a fire or lightening striking a transformer or something odd. Luckily that streak ended and grass fire season hit with a full force. Before where it rained almost everyday, now it rains and that makes the front page news. But then again this is Texas.

    Have your pager call my pager, we'll have a fire!

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    August 2. Worker in a single family dwelling. How about yours? This is the 4th in the past two weeks. It has been really slow, a good break!!!


    If in doubt - Call us out

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    (Sorry if this is long) Just ran across this topic. I have to admit, right now I am half way across the country, serving in the Army. But my last fire will be one that stays with me forever.
    I was volunteering in Bloomsburg PA, where I went to college. It was a Sunday, March 19th, 6am and we got paged out for a structure fire, the TKE (a fraturnity) house. As I turned out of my parking lot on Upper campus of the university I saw the smoke comming up from the area the house was at. Over the scanner it was reported that people were jumping from the second story window and the structure was fully involved. Being a college student I knew they had a party the night before. Right then and their I knew this would be the longest day of my life. ON my way to station 20 I pass the street that TKE is on, from 4 blocks away I could see flames in the middle of the street. The house was rocking. Needless to say the aparatus were not put in service till 6pm. Three TKE brothers died in the blaze. We saved the row homes neighboring the TKE house, with severe damage to the first one. It was a sad day and weeks following for the comunity. I personally saw all three sides of the incident, as a fireman, as a college student and the effects on the community as countless people showed up on the scene to pray and console eachother. Must say that the community and the college really came together at a candle light service the following evening. Sorry to ramble on, I really could have written much more, but the way the communitty joined over this tragedy touched me.

    Thanks and be safe.

    * God Looked down and
    * saw this was bad, it
    * was bad, it was Drew

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    South Amboy, New Jersey
    EMS Cadet in NJ

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    Da Sharkie
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    We had a 3 alarmer 2 weeks ago and what would equate to 2 alarms the next day. The town next to us had 1 the same day as our first. I think we used up our quota for a few months. We average about 10 - 12 good structure fires a year but we break up the lulls with some good MVAs and car fires. Things are starting to slow though. The economy is going too well but we predict when it goes south we will start to get pretty busy with mutual aid and our own.

    I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything.

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    Our last "worker" was about a month ago. I wasn't there but from what i heard it was a mobile home which had caught fire. we average about 1-3 working fires a month.

    Andrew Coe
    Green Pond Fire & Rescue Service.

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    Your not going to believe this but we were called again to the town of Corinth for a structure fire on Monday night Sept 4th. When we arrived at the scene the fire was under control and mop-up had been started. All we did is pull a few walls and used the thermal camera for hot spots. Fire was caused by a extension cord being left plugged into a drill. Fire damage was contained to the bedroom closet. GOOD JOB CORINTH!!!!

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    We've had a VERY slow year. The first time I saw this post was shortly after it had been started. We'd only been out to a few at that time (FAST truck and on a 2nd alarm). Then the "you know what" hit the fan. From middle of July to middle of August we had 2 Fully Involved jobs and a room and contents, all in our first due. The 2nd job was a 4 bay service station 2 blocks from the firehouse. Dispatch reportd... "PD on scene reporting heavy fire". The twp. FM (next due stations Chief gave the next report)... "Abington 5-9 on location... confirming... we have Bldg. on fire, several cars inside and outside burning, and have had several explosions"...

    Since the room and contents job back in mid August, we've only turned the wheel twice.

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    Our last worker was Tuesday night the 5th. They were cooking hot wings and it got a little too hot.

    Leon Bass
    Jr. Firefighter
    SWVFD Station 16

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    Working fire? What's that? As of November it will be two years. Thank God for mutual aid. Think I'm going to start handing out matches during fire prevention week.

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