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    Post How old is too old to drive appratus?

    Hi all,
    I was wondering what other guys think is too old to drive appratus. I know alot should depend on the health of a guy. We have a vol who has been with the dept 38 years, he is 64 years old and is in good health. He drives the second due engine mostly (paid at the station take first due out) and will pump water at fires. He is not allowed in the building or any pulling of hose, but he will pull some anyway. I was just wondering what others think of age and whats too old for a person.

    Im not trying to put older guys down by this but I was reading about the CT FF who died of a heart attack and was just wondering how old is too old?

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    Good question hard to answer my department has the same problem but mostly during the days be generaly most of the time the get to be mid 60 they are happy and smart enough to
    stand to the side but during the day the will drive since it is hard to have any one to show up must less drive.

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    Kelly Tool
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    We have some old guys driving.(over 60) As long as they can do the job safetly we don't have a problem,

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    Brian Dunlap
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    This really depends on the physical condition of the member...If he is 60-70-75 shouldn't be a problem as long as he feels ok and has not been stopped in the fire service by his doctor...Don't think the older members should be doing interior work but driving ?....Sure why not as long as they are capable of doing so...Although they should stop at some point...When that is no body knows

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    I've always found when a member can no longer back the truck into quarters without hitting the wall, it's time to re-evaluate.

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    Brian Dunlap
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    E229lt....Have to agree with you there but we have a few young guys that have hit walls on the way in...Our doors stayed the same size since the building was built in 1954 but the rigs have gotten bigger. It is time to re-evaluate...we are looking into a new station with drive through bays...maybe thats the trick

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    I first want to say to E-21, I totally understand your post, I just wanted to let you know that the CT FF was not driving the apparatus, he was the Co accountability officer. As far as can you be too old, in time, it is up to the dept to judge all of their drivers the same. We have a young man who has had numerous personal, and a couple of App. accidents, investigations determined that the truck wreck could have been prevented (to put it nicely) so he no longer drives the rigs. If you have someone who is like 150 y/o and can handle the trucks with the best of the younger guys, until he gives you reason to believe he can't cut it anymore, let him keep going, this is actually a benefit and allows those who may be your younger drivers go in and fight the beast.

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    Our dept. is lucky to have the older guys that stuck around so long! Our oldest driver, is 85. He has been a member for 71 years. When he joined they still had hand drawn carts. He helped pull the carts then, and probably still would today. He answered every ambulance call the company has had for over 20 years. Being, that he was the mayor, he was always right at the town hall, which was in the fire station. If it weren't for the fire company, he probably would have passed years ago. It's something that keeps him going, why stop him?

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    You can't have a hard and fast rule. The volunteer department I was on had a 65 y/o retired Army Sergeant Major who drove. He was in better shape than the majority of the young guys on the department, and had been running pumps for 45 years.

    As far as heart attack risks, young fat guys are a bigger risk. I've done CPR on a 35 y/o 265 male firefighter who coded out while doing CPR. (Which is a story in itself. A triple code. 85 y/o husband coded. Rescue and engine doing CPR on him, 80 y/o wife codes. 2d engine, 2d rescue dispatched. Guys doing CPR everywhere. FF codes. 3d engine, 3d rescue. All three lived. Never saw a third alarm medical aid call before.)

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