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    If one of our trucks had a problem with the warning equipment, it would be used, but put out of service afterwards until it was fixed (not a blown bulb or someting). As far as liability, departments in our state have been called in by lawyers looking to get every bit of money possible, and try everything including sueing the fire dept. It's called going fishing and hoping you get something. As far as the blizzard, that is considered an act of god and is beyond our controll, so therefor, no we wouldn't be liable in any way, but mother nature actually would, and I don't think you can sue her, if you could lawers would be more than happy to.
    Just some stupids laws here you may want to know.
    A firefighter on the fire ground can be sued PERSONALY for any neglegence no matter how small.
    You run lights and siren and get into an accident, you are at fault, no matter what the circumstances, i.e. he runs a red light you have the green, sorry your at fault.
    I don't agree with some of them, but I can agree that every call should be treated as an emergency until otherwise proven.
    In our state, they outline what is an emergency and what is the proper response. If we don't follow these laws, we can and probly will be sued in this day and age. I'm ashamed that that's the way we treat our fellow man, but it's a fact of life.

    339hd, please fell free to email me personal if you would like to debate this topic farther. I'm also interested in what state your in and if your state has some of the same stupid laws we do.

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    I think a lot of people are misunderstanding you're question, if I'm understanding the question right you are refering to a stationary siren located at the firehouse used to notify the firefighters of a run. We had to disconnect ours because firefighters were not listening to pages before setting it off. For example dispatch accidently toned our dept. for another one once and it got set off. Besides it was kind of redundent to use the siren and pagers. I would like to reconnect it for public emergencies though (Tornado i.e.).

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    Some of you still missed the point of this discussion. It is not about trucks, lights and sirens, it is about how you are "called out". We dispatch with pagers only. the siren and coded air horn departed in the late 70's. A tradition missed, but not needed anymore.

    Just my opinion.
    BE safe. The dragon lurks!!!!!

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    in my town we have an old air raid siren that alerts volunteers. it sounds once for a long duration for an ambulance call and 10 short durations for a fire call. where my post is located there are still aid raid sirens around the city but they are strictly used for civil defense now.

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