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    iresq Guest

    Wink Uniforms

    What is your uniform policy?

    At our house, if you at the station to ride (duty, meetings, etc.) you are required to be in uniform (pants, tee's, boots, polo or button shirt for ambo). If you respond to station from house - civi's ok provided they are in good taste. In our jurisdiction, we cannot (read - should not) respond from home to scene.

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    NCRSQ751 Guest


    We require different things based on what you're doing.

    Meetings: Squad T-Shirt, civi pants/shorts ok (in good taste)

    Parades/Funerals: White dress shirt, BDU pants, steel toe boots

    Training: Appropriate squad PPE

    Pulling Duty:
    (Medical) T-Shirt, BDU's, steel toed boots
    (Rescue) T-Shirt, Wildland Pants (we don't use regular turnout gear), steel toed boots
    (Dive Team/Swiftwater) T-Shirt, Shorts

    Responding POV (encouraged and required): We have issued jump suits, people carry t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats etc. As long as you are identfiable, professional and have appropriate PPE it's acceptable.

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    FirefighterReed Guest


    Buisness Meetings - department shirt, civi pants/shorts ok. (This is not really enforced though)

    Parades - Full turnout gear

    Training - Appropriate PPE

    Responding POV - Turnout gear for structure fires and things like that.
    MVA's and stuff like that just department hat and t-shirt, and sometimes turnout gear.

    All our members carry their turnout gear in their POV's we don't have much trouble with people not wearing it.

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    bob1350 Guest


    If we're doing station time, we are required to be dressed the same as the paid staff. Pants, Shirt, T-shirt, Boots, and proper footwear. After 5:00pm, T-shirt is fine. If your responding in your POV, use good taste or you get a lecture from me. One of our guys wore a F*** Iran T-shirt on some calls years ago. The paid chief still brings it up.

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