Recommended Reading!

Masters of Disasters by Chris St.John and Lou Jordan

An irreverent look at the other side of America's lifesavers. This is hot off the presses. A 200+ page book full of humor, heart, cartoons, and just about everything you need to get through the pressures of working in Emergency Services. As a First Aider, First Responder, EMT of any level, Paramedic, Nurse, Cop or ER Doctor, you will most likely find a part of your life depicted in this book..

If you work in Montgomery County, it's here. If you are in PG or Baltimore County, we got it. If you toil in a DC ER, look in our mirror. You will recognize yourself in these pages.

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PS: All of my profits from this book will go to HEROES INC. (A United Way Charity serving fallen Metropolitan FF/PD/EMS families.)

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