At our monthly meeting, our company decided in our best interest and in the best interest of our neighboring fire companies to purchase a 75 ft Aerial-Pumper.
Since our nieghboring companies have 1500 gpm pumpers withing 5 minutes, rescue vehicles and tankers, we could compliment everyone with the Aerial since the nearest one to our company is about a half hour away. The ballpark figure we have received from apparatus manufactures is around $450,000, but we do not have the funding resources to purchase such a piece of apparatus. So, we are looking into obtain multiple grants to help supplement our purchase as well as asking our local municipalities for assistance. However, in being new to this game we are asking our volunteer brothers and sister around the world for any information on the grants that are out there and where we can apply for such grants. Being in Pennsylvania, we are applying for the new state grant, but the max a company can receive is $15,000, which is very helpful, but we still have a long way to go. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
On behalf of the Strausstown Volunteer Fire Company #1 we thank our volunteer brother and sisters for your help, stay safe and gods speed!!!