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Thread: Emergency Lights for Vol FF/EMTs

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    I agree with your statement, it is legally NOT our right to take the right of way. We can honk all we want through an intersection in a rig, stutter or air horn, go "whoop", yelp, shout, pulse the fire engine pedal siren, and flash head lights, use the P.A., or have red, green, or blue lights, or those rig colors. When speaking with my Career Center teacher, here in Columbia MO, where I attend a local Fire Department Explorer Prorgram, he stated, as a retired firefighter from Rolla MO, if in any accident, it is our fault. Well, I suppose more appropriatly, since I am only a student, the department's fault. Unless the wrecked vehicle the rig hit, or any other fire vehicle, broke a traffic law. Which is rare to win considering how large of a corporation the F.D. can be. Yet you would think, something that attention grabbing, is never considered on the road; I have seen near misses twice now when out on the town.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FWDbuff View Post
    ...and a chainsaw, with spare chains, bar oil, and mixed gas....
    You just described half the pick-ups in northern New York... And I'm not talking about firefighters...
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    In Virginia we are aloud only 2 lights anywhere on the vehicle and can be red/white or stright red. the rear lights if you choose to get them, must be stright red. You are not aloud to speed or break any traffic laws and people are not required to move. No sirens either. The Dept I run out of says in bilaws you arnt aloud to go stright to the scene unless you are chief so they aren't really needed. They more or less a luxury if you want to get there a bit faster. Remember you are not aloud to break laws so you look kinda dumb sitting at a red light and they can confuse people. I have them on my vehicle but only use them if im on a back road or if im in heavy traffic helping a disabled vehicle.

    Hope i helped Stay safe!

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    In NY, we run blue lights. Its a courtesy to have them. My department adheres to 1 light per vehicle and must be issued a card. The lights are used when there is a structure fire, MVA or if there is smoke showing. Not when there is a natural gas odor, CO detector activation, fire alarm. We turn off our blue lights at intersections we must stop at. We only use them on straight aways to avoid confusing the public. We have to, by State law, follow all NYS traffic laws, so there is no reason to speed, not stop at lights or signs or pass people. Mathematically, you're not going to get there that much faster. And if you drive like an adrenaline idiot, you chance getting into a crash and not only not being able to help at a scene, but you will demand man power. Coolness is your meal ticket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefightislife View Post
    In Virginia we are aloud only 2 lights anywhere on the vehicle and can be red/white or stright red. the rear lights if you choose to get them, must be stright red.
    Hey brother, thought I might give you a little clarification ... you can have up to two red, red/white, or white lights, and you're not restricted on having white to the rear. Furthermore, nothing in the code actually defines what a "light" is.

    Take a look: http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp...+cod+46.2-1024

    Hope this helps...
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