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    Question Coatings for inside lockers

    the Inside of the lockers on our trucks are getting scratched and beat to death. We have rubber mats on the bottom but what are you putting on the sides? There must be some sort of brush on tuff coat or would you pop - Rivet rubber to the sides too?

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    There is a spray on coating called Rhino-Liner (sp?). It is usually sold as a pick-up bed liner. I know there are companies that do this professionally but I think you can also buy it retail.

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    They do make a a rhino liner for truck beds. It's actually VERY good stuff, but also pretty costly. Most auto parts stores carry a knock off type of "Rhino-Liner" in a spray can that actually works pretty good in smaller areas like the compartments. I know several guys that have sprayed it in their jeeps and it works great for them. Definitely worth a try!

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    Not real sure on the name of the stuff, but I know that the last batch of Fire Trucks we ordered from Pierce, the corners to the compartments and places of that sort that are likely to get scratched & bumped, all were overlayed with a teflon tape sort of stuff. It is clear and VERY tuff. You can take a knife and not even cut the stuff. You may want to contact a local dealer and ask them if they have any sort of thing like that.


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    The local Rhino Liner business here has actually done a couple refurbished rigs, and they look fairly sharp. I know a few people who have the Rhinoliner in their trucks and it has held up to all kinds of abuse. The local Walmart also sells the kit to do it yourself...it works pretty good too...several people I know have done their own liners. I guess it's worth a shot.

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