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    Post Volunteer Benefits?

    I am curious to hear what benefits other volunteers are getting from their respective states.

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    I asked a similar question in the post titled Question. There was a few responses there.

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    Benefit from the state for volunteers in Ohio... I don't think we get any special benfits from the State. I can pay extra and have a cool license plate with a maltese "FD" cross on it. We used to be exempt from jury duty to be availalbe for alarms, but that has gone away.

    As far as locally, we used to be able to wash our personal vehicle we use to respond to calls at the Fire Station. But that had to be limited by policy, so not many of us do that any more.

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    What I am most interested in is tax implications. I have heard of some states granting volunteers a tax break. Anyone know about this?

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    On the main page of firehouse.com today is an article about Connecticut firefighters being allowed a progressive property tax abatement. I would love to see this Federally, or if not, at least in NY
    In NY we have a LOSAP program in effect which in my particular Department awards a pension plan of $20 per month for each year of active service (defined by State set minimum requirements) up to a maximum of 20 years payable at, in our case, age 60. So if you achieve 20 years of vested service, you will get $400 per month when you turn 60. That's still 26 years away for me, and I don't think that $400 is going to mean much by then. It's good for guys that have the time in and are reaching the age now (we have had the program for about 12 years and bought back some time for time served, so the max at the moment is 16 years or $320/month). I would like them to remove the 20 year cap and/or increase the $20. As I said, it's still a ways off for me. I have 16 years in the fire service, and plan on being here for a lot longer. A property tax adjustment would be much more beneficial right now for the younger members.

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    I am a volunteer fire department member and Officer in Windsor CT, ( Wilson Company ). We are in the process of getting town approval to give the tax break incentive described on the Firehouse main page. Our plan will work like this: $250 if a certified interior F.F., $250 after 5 years of service, $250 after being Certified FF1 and completion of the one year probation, and $250 by doing 20 hours of training per 6 months minimum. We also get a stippend per cal twice a year. This has averaged approx. $4 - $5 per call or call hour. As a Officer (LT) I get a additional $250.00 every 6 months due to extra duties I am required to do.

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