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    My cousin belongs to a local volunteer Fire Department and is with the Ladder company in town. Now heres the problem, himself and another member are "chiefdriver" which means they gey paid to wash the firetruck,etc...Now heres the other part that is bothering him AND ME because I am down there every chance I get cleaning etc...so heres basically the attitude of the other 30 members...THOSE 2 GET pAID FOR CLEANIGN THE TRUCK SO WHY THE HELL SHOULD WE CLEAN IT? And what gets me is the other 4 fire companies intown started cleaning there truck for the NJ state Fire convention and we havent even started Yet!! and it takes a good 2-3 weeks of work since you cant just rip everything off and theres alot of equipment so it takes quite awhile. Anyone else have this problem or anyone have an idea's to get these guys to come down and clean the truck? Its pretty bad because since my cousin and I havent been around there no one has even touched the firetruck....it still says WASH ME on the back from a party back in mid july!! Please We need all the ideas we can cause its really getting to a point that no one wants to do anything and I mean Not even the chief drivers its either NO I DONT HAVE TIME FOR THAT or NO WE WONT wIN ANYTHING ANYWAY SO WHY SHOULD WE CLEAN IT....But we won 2nd place the last 4 years in a row and at first everyoen was gung ho OH we ARE GONNA WIN 1st etc...now everyones just like Oh the hell with it!...so please give me some ideas to get the so called firefighters to come down and help with the truck...Thanks

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    Well you could do what our volli dept. does. Hey junior or probie you wanna go to the next call then you better get that truck washed. It works. We also iniciate our new members by a good old fog stream from the hose cools em down real quick.

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    When you come back from a run have the crew wash it before going home, if the crew refuses then talk to your officer about your problem and if your cousin is paid to wash the rig and cant find the time to do so then have him take it up with the officers and have them try and find someone that they can pay to wash the rig that has time to do so. And if all else fails it comes down to pride just do it yourself.

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    Wash it after every run and you wont have a
    problem.Plus worring about taking it to the
    convention is the WRONG reason to make sur it's clean.Plus the convention is going to be a little bit smaller on the boardwalk this
    year again.

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    Pay someone to wash the trucks, what is the service coming to? Next you'll be paying someone to hold the hose for you. Our chief drivers do not get paid to do their job. They are responsible to check the truck out on a weekly basis, and keep it clean. The only advantage they have is that they can drive to, from and in parades if they want and on an alarm they have first dibs on driving. I will stress that we will not delay response to wait for the chief driver, but if he/she is there and there are other qualified drivers, they will have first choice.

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    I think your officers should be pressed into action to correct this problem; the scope of their duties also includes station activities. If they don't want to make things happen let the Chief discipline them or remove them and put someone in who will get things done. Your department could also stop paying the chief drivers to wash the truck and make it everyone's job. Hope this helps. Take care and be safe.

    Phil Clinard
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    Prince George's Co Sta 10
    Laurel, MD

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    If you are taking the truck to the parade, make sure that only the people who go are the ones who washed and took care of the truck. Also, free food works wounders to get morall up! Take a night and have a truck washing detail with pizza, soda, ect. That does work!


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    It comes down to PRIDE!
    Being a FF. doesn't mean that's your only duty. Station duties should include cleaning the BRT's. If you ride help make it SHINE!!!!

    Opinions expressed are mine and may not be those of my Dept.s

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