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    Question Acquiring Members

    I am interested to know what methods other volunteer depts use to screen potential members. Do you have an application process or what. I could use any details you could give me.

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    I just finished a new application for new applicants. The old one was antique. As fae as the process we have also just finished putting together our new by-laws. The application is turned in, an informal interview with the officers, we vote on whether or not to present to membership. If ok'd we present to membership if approved member is placed on as probationary member. One year period to complete firefighter cert, cpr cert. If they complete this they are moved to regular member status. If not probation is extended once. We also will start doing a background on applicants. Nothing like this was done in the past. You wanted to get on you showed up at one meeting, then left and the members would vote.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

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    J Almon
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    The first thing we do is have an open testing session for an agility test. After the agility test, we provide an appliation. We ask for existing or previous certifications, classes, prior membership or experiences. We require 3 references, which we do check. Also we run a DL check and criminal history. (We also do a DL check annually for all members.) Having a criminal history does not disqualify one for membership, but the circumstances are verified by records to verify what the applicant said about the situation.
    During a face to face meeting about 5 questions are asked by a panel to gauge how applicants might react to pressure situations. This results in a rating which is the order the applicants are presented before membership for a vote. We take applications twice a year for probationary membership.

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    We have a written application where we do an initial screening looking for obvious things like felony charges and moving violations related to alcohol. Then, we have all prospective rookies go through our combat challenge(strictly pass/fail). All those that pass the test are then interviewed by a panel of 6-8 current members who have been on the dept various lengths of time. After that, those that we though the best are asked to join the dept. They are fingerprinted and run through a background check to make sure that there is nothing in their past. New members are on probationary status for one year and can basically be let go anytime if it is felt that they are just not cutting it, or there are any other problems. We usually bring on 15-20 a year

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    We have an application to fill out and the chief interviews the applicants and does call the references. I do believe their is a background check through the police but no fingerprinting. He is the sole appointing authority but he brings the name up to the firefighters' association for membership. They can run on the department and not be in the association. We usually appoint 1 or 2 times a year and run everyone through a really good, thorough FF I training program.
    After the FF I program the training officer adn chief decide whether to allow them to be certified as interior firefighters. It is then the firfighters' choice as to whether or not they wish to go inside buildings on fires. No shame is given to anyone who chooses not to though.

    I have heard of a few guys who were relieved of duty with the department. Some drove like maniacs to calls and had several chances to change but chose not to.

    The town next to us has an interview process where the applicants interview with the chief and the 3 captains. Here in Massachusetts all new appointees have to take a physical agilities test given by the state and depending upon whether the town has adopted a section of law they will have to take the test every 2 years. This law applies to those appointed after November of 1996.

    I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything.

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    Interrested persons fill out simple application. When our Chief is ready to hire the applicant's names are presented before the firefighters at the meeting to see if anybody has any objections. If accepted the applicant becomes a proby for one year. When that year is up the Officers decide to continue probation or become a firefighter.

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    I've seen a few ways.
    In my first department, you would usually hang around the firehouse, get to know folks, and get an application. Fill it out, get a physical and be voted in by the members of the company at one of the two monthly meetings and then by the department council at their monthly meeting. Then you were on probation for at least a year while you got all of your classes taken care of (you could still respond though, you were just looked after).
    After moving I tried to join the local department. You got an application, filled it out and were interviewed by a panel. They would report to the department members once a quarter, and they would vote on the possible members if their were spots available (they had a quota). Needless to say, no spots available. And I wonder why they couldn't get all their trucks out.
    In my current department, you got an application, turned it into the borough office, got a couple shots if necessary, and were hired on (whether or not the department you were joining wanted you). You can't respond until you get at least the basic class under your belt. You can go inside once you take the basic class (both are only done about once a year).

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