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    Post Fed Sig Magna Beam?

    What does it do exactly? I hear it oscilates, yet, I've never seen one of these before? How does it differenate from a normal firebeam? (IE, what does the 'osclilation' do?)

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    Dr. Law
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    That means it goes back and forth instead of spinning all the way around. It traverses an arc of 76 degrees, which gives you some intersection coverage, and still flashes to the front. It has two speeds, 180 and 280 FPM. Since it is the same body as the Firebeam, it comes in the same dome colors, incluing clear with colored covers. The one thing is that the mirror assembly used with the Firebeam would probably not work well with this one as the light might not reach the mirrors.

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    where can i see this light? Sounds kinda neat.. Email me and let me know where i can find this and how much..


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