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Thread: What's Wrong

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    Perhaps you are the guy who should have set up the lights, instead of playing with the camera.

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    Kelly Tool
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    DD - I would have been glad to put up the light tower. That is if some one would have taught me . Of course i should of asked some one how to do it, right? .

    Put the wet stuff on the red stuff
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    Steve Kelly Jr.

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    I have one observation that sometimes is simple to overlook but with painful consequences.

    The FF stabilizing the drivers door seems to have his foot directly underneath the door. If that door is being taken off and pops off the hinges before he is ready, the guy may lose a couple of toes or even have the hydraulic line cut. I usually have somebody put a piece of cribbing there just in case. Either that or secure the door to the rest of the car somehow.

    I'm very happy to see pictures in this forum. It's a chance to critique and gain ideas from actual events. Thanks for providing them.

    Stay safe.

    Engine/Rescue Lt. Kevin C. (aka Pokey)

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    Jolly Roger
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    What else can I add about the question on that pic? I think it's all been said. Hope everyone learns and lives well!

    Now, as to the smileys, there's another place to get smiley-type things. You can copy and paste the proper code right into the forums. Go to Crack's Smiles and have a look for yourself!

    Jolly Roger

    Let's not let the honor, tradition, and pride of the fire service erode away.

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