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    Question ideal department characteristics

    I would like to have input from people as to what they would consider the characteristics of an ideal volunteer fire department. Thanks much

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    People who can work together like an extended family!! Plus a community that supports them wholeheartedly!! (wow, we're lucky!!)

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    I think the key is training. Volunteers are unpaid proffessionals. We have to train like it, run the department like it and show that level of professionalism on any and all scenes. The negative connotations that go with volunteer departments stem from them being more 'social clubs' - if you train like you mean business, and take pride in your apparatus, equipment, appearance and performance you'll be Class A department.

    Susan Bednar
    Captain - Forsyth Rescue
    North Carolina Strike Force 1

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    Thanks for the replies. So if I wanted to help out my VFD become the most sought after department to be in, (in order to attract and retain volunteers) what would you suggest I do?

    From the previous two suggestions, it would be to encourage community support and a fraternity feeling among the volunteers, and ensure that the training results in professional behaviour? what else can I do?


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    You need to establish a set of rules that are fair to all members and are followed by all members. You need to establish minimum requirements for each step of the ladder so that you do not get incompetent people leading you (You know the old expression s**t rolls downhill). Start with good rules, good people and good morale, and you will have a department that anyone would want to be a member of (send me an application )
    Step 2 is exactly as has been said previously, training, once you have established a good foundation, build on it.

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    all of the posts have hit upon some very great ideas, once you have started down the path of getting the best department around your area,,dont forget to sell you department and its services to the community,they must also believe in you, remember they are your customers and can either make or break your department. especially when it comes to getting the good ole green dollor bill out of the pockets.sounds like u are on the right track, good luck to you in your quest for the best department in your area..

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