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    Question ISO Training Requirements

    Just curious how the Class 1 or working on Class 1 departments handle training. As I understand it ISO requires just over 20 hrs a month per man. I guess you could do that with 4 weeknights and a Saturday and alot of dedicated people. As I understand it, ISO's training is required to be in areas of firefighting. How do you get the required firefighter training while maintaining rescue, haz mat, EMT, etc...? How many runs a year do most of you do? We train quite a bit, but not to ISO standards, along with running between 700 and 800 calls this year, it's a big strain on our members. I'm interested to know how I could ever get those points. Thanks

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    Hey Halligan84

    I'm going push for duty crew assignments in Station 86.

    Four nights a months doesn't work. Mondays is the scheduled night for 1 meeting, 1 work night 2 drills

    On duty personnel could sit in front of the TV and watch American Heat tapes as well as a regular topics. In adition to our two drill nights/8hours four nights of duty crews a month would bring you up and over the 20 hours that the ISO requires for a Class 1.

    Don't forget everything else needs to fall in place for the class 1 rating.

    The views and opinions expressed herin are my personal views and opinions and not those of any organization, department I may belong to or represent

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    We run voluntary 5 hour duty crews here in 84 now, you pick up some extra fire credit, we give a meal allowance and 1.5 hrs of training is required. The rest of the time is free, but depending on the crew, they are working the whole time some nights (days too). I was mainly interested in the training requirements. We are drilling 3-4 nights a month now and some weekends, but 20 hrs of fire training across the board in addition to rescue, ems and haz mat seemed alot to handle, I was wondering how those who improved their rating did it. I know what has to be done for ISO improvements, but changing the communications center and the water company may be a little far from our reach at this point.

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    Quick question for you. Where do you currently stand in the ISO rating 'system'?

    In your district, is Class 1 attainable and training is the one holding you up? If so, then find a way to motivate or find an incentive plan to work out with your town higher ups. Play the game of "A Class 1 rating looks good for you" with them and maybe they can come up with some extra cash to meet your needs.

    Now on the other hand if there are bigger things that aren't in your control such as the infrastructure of your water system (if you have one in your district). I see you're from NJ but I don't know if you are one of those places with or without city hydrants. In my district, water supply infrastructure is an issue. Our underground pipes are old and SMALL. In some areas we can run it better over ground then to use the hydrant next we parked next to. Sadly, that won't change so the 20 hours of training isn't worth killing our guys for.

    Wait one second!! I know that sounded bad that training isn't worth it, but I just meant bending over backwards, like you said, to meet 20 hours of firematic plus maintenance, rescue, etc. We do 1 weeknight every week and 1 saturday, but when you add it all up and subtract out the truck maintenance, etc you're probably down to around 10 - 12 hours of firematic.

    I completely understand what you're getting at, but what I tried to get at here is weigh out the benefits of getting in the 20 hours. If it is going to get you Class 1, go for it, I come down for the celebration. If it is not, then try your best to be close, but if your guys are anything like mine, busting them to do more than they do now is going to be tough.

    Good Luck!

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