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    Ratman Guest

    Question SOP's + GOG's

    Looking for some help Guys. I'am looking to set up SOPS and GOGS but really don't know were to start and how to put them on paper.
    We do have sops but nothing written on paper. I think it would help new members if they were written down.
    Any SOPs and GOGS that you have would be very helpful to me.
    Thanks, Rob

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    SRVFD2 Guest


    Not sure what you mean by GOG's, but I know what we went through to find a set of sop's (later changed to "Standard Operating Guidelines") when we started - so I can sympathize!! I'd need to know more about your dept. before deciding if it was worthwhile sending ours to you. Ours definitely wouldn't apply to everyone!! Glad to help if I can, though!!

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    Fire Line Guest


    Check with your provincial fire commissioner. The B.C. fire commissioner has some you can download.
    Also check with your neighbouring FD to see what the have.

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    Ratman Guest

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    Thanks for replying guys.
    My department has 2 halls. Were about 15km away from each other and back each other up for all calls. We do not respond to any medical calls unless it involves an mva. We have 27 members. 1 chief 1 asst. chief and 4 captains. The captains each run their own halls.

    We do have sops for things like the use of scba. and basic setup procedures. I just think that they should be put into writing. If you could send me a copy I would be most grateful.
    By the way when I say GOG's I mean general operating guidlines. Don't really know if there's a differnce between them and standard operating procedures. If anybody knows please let me know. Thanks , Rob

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    chf jstano Guest


    If you could e-mail me[] your snail mail adress I'd be happy to send you a couple of samples of our SOG's and policies. As a matter of fact, we are currently in the process of updating them.

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