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    pvfr fyrfyter Guest

    Lightbulb mother nature

    Just a gentle reminder to all that mother nature doesn't care about the time of year. I spent 2.5 hours on storm watch tonight due to tornados within 10 miles of town. Just for relevant facts on this date 3 years ago had a storm go through this area that dropped over a foot of snow. the year prior to that had an ice storm that took out power to most of southeast Nebraska for up to a week including both the cities of Omaha and Lincoln. Just a reminder that mother nature doesn't look at a calender.

    The few, the proud, the insane- Volunteer Firefighters

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    Aerial 131 Guest


    Ever stop to think that maybe mother nature was telling you something and it was time to move to a better climate. Zimm

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    pvfr fyrfyter Guest


    Nah, I prefer to live where we have 50 and 70 degree temperature shifts in under 24 hours. Besides, how much fun is it to live where you can enjoy the weather more than 50% of the time.

    The few, the proud, the insane- Volunteer Firefighters

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    CollegeBuff Guest


    Doesn't care about what region of the country either- the reason my college campus is where it is now is because the original cmpus was ravaged by a tornado that tore through Worcester in the early 50's, I forget the exact year. We've got pictures (in the Admissions office, no less) of the dorm that was literally ripped in half- the twister went right through the building, taking out the middle wing and leaving two free-standing wings with a big gaping hole in the middle.

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    CFD14 Guest


    I have to agree with my northern neighbor in Nebraska. We had tornado warnings Halloween night. We had thunderstorms during a confined space rescue training class, snow storms during extrication classes. It just gives the training a more realistic element. I wouldn't want to live where the weather doesn't change every five minutes.

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