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    Post What type of regulator does your Dept's SCBA have??????

    Does your dept have FMR (face mounted regulators)SCBA or do you have the old "Elephant Noses" SCBA (the ones with the long hose from the mask to the regulator on your hip) My dept has both types. We have 3 new FMR's and we are about to get a nother new one. The other 4 are the "Elephant Nose" type, they are the MSA Ultralite 2.

    George Hagerty
    Columbus Vol. FD and Hickman Co Fire/Rescue

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    We have 5 Scott 2A's, 1 Scott 2.2(FMR), 1 ISI Magnum(FMR), and 3 Old type Survivar

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    We have 9 Scott 2.2(FMR), w/ PASS. Five have microphones.

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    We have 8 MSA Ultralite II's w/Harness Mounted Regulators. Also still using 2015 steel bottles. Heavy buggers!!!

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    All Scott 4.5's with MMR's. I wouldn't go back to the old elephant trunk again now that I'm spoiled by the new stuff.

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    I work for 2 depts. My main dept uses the MSA MMR2 pak. We have 10 of then and will be purchasing more in the near future. My other dept have 9 scott 2.2 (MMR) paks. I myself carry a scott 4.5 (MMR) in my vechile. MMR paks are the only way to go.. hope this helps.

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    My deptartment uses Scott 4.5's FMRS. They are great. NEVER WANT TO GO BACK ELEPHANT NOSES!!!!!!!!!! Use FMR since the late 80's.

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    We have 10 Scott 2.2 with FMR

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    My department uses Scott 4.5 SCBA's with the face mounted regulator.

    **The preceding comments in no way represent the views of my department, its members, or associations that it may belong to.**

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