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    Exclamation Where are the 28 - 40 year olds?

    Beginning of this year we had the world conference on "Volunteering" here in Adelaide, South Australia".
    I know that there has been a general debate on Vollies vs. Paid and "Blue collar" vs. "White collar". It has long been established that generally, people giving up their time to volunteer is falling. However, what emerged from the conference this year, is the fact that all organisations are loosing out in the vital 28-40 year old section. This can be due to many reasons, but mainly: NEW, YOUNG FAMILY. What is your brigade doing to attract more volunteers in this age bracket (female & male)? I have heard of suggestions like: Setting up a child care section in the brigade when necessary, so parents can drop off their kids and then go onto the fireground. What are your thoughts?


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    I like that idea for child care if it will help. Also, get people involved younger and hopefully they will marry someone who is understangind of what they do.

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    Actually that age group makes up the majority of our department.

    David Brooks,
    FFII, Driver/Op, NRFR
    Newmarket Fire & Rescue
    Newmarket, New Hampshire
    (All opinions are my own)

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    I agree with david, our core group is in that range and most have been with us since the jr. days, it 's funny how there is a cycle in departments. There are two neighboring towns who come to mind, one is made up of the 45+ crowd, it so bad they may have to put handicaped parking in front of the firehouse, and the other departments median age is under 30 yrs old. point is it all goes in cycles, soon the elders will step aside and the young bucks will step in, and with the young department they will end up like us with a core group of thirty somethings who have been together for 10-15 years. We just happen to be in a more desireable point in time of this cycle.

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    Good topic! I am 29 yrs. old and have been in this department for 13 yrs. officially, but I have been rolling hose and hanging at the fire house since I was 10(didn't have an explorer program). I always' ran calls with dad and sat at the station to listen or went out and helped with rehab. I am now an Asst. Chief and will die with my bunker boots on so to speak. Of my 30 or so members there are only about 4 of us in this age bracket. All three others are the same way as me, born here and will die here. I have 5 above this bracket, and 20 or so between 18 an 27. I have found that the members that come in that are 28-40 really don't have the time to dedicate and generally don't stay a long time. I agree that you need to get them in early, so when they marry their live's are already built around the F.D.'s schedule. Me I got lucky and married a woman who has the fire bug worse than me, she works as a firefighter for the Texas Forest Service and volunteer's when she is at home. She was baptized in a fire house( she is 28 and her dad has been a vollie for 30). He is now our chief and she has a brother that serves as a captain. It's in the family blood! My dad has retired, but me and my brother are still going strong!


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    We have gone through some sort of a phase, when I joined 8yrs ago that age group seemed to fill the ranks, now we are in the minority I don't know what the deal is but now at almost 32 I hope I can get to full time status before I turn 34, by state law I can't have my first appointment after that.
    stay safe

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