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    Cool Making new Patch

    I have been tasked by my Dept to get ideas for a new patch. I am asking for any help from anybody who has done this for their Dept


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    Capt. Clay
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    I have just finished designing the new patch for my department with some help from a few of the guys. I'm not sure of exactly what kind of help you are looking for, but let me know, I'd be glad to help.

    Be safe, have fun!
    Captain Clay Rheinlander
    South Hays Fire & Rescue

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    Captain Gonzo
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    Does you community have a official "seal" that is on their letterhead? You can use the town seal in the center of a maltese cross with the name of your Department.

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    Captain Gonzo

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    incorporate the things you take pride in
    American Flag (stars & stripes)
    city seal
    incorporate the changing of appatatus (from hose cart to pumper)
    maybe include your old patch
    basically, make a collage of pictures, values, and so on, then put them all into a design using pieces of the collage..... I'm doing one, it's working well, has color and takes away the boredom, I'm including our dept name as well as a little saying "over 100 years of tradition" make it something a collector will "NEED" and remember, it will be noticed by all, past members, community.... it shows them you haven't forgotten about their importance to your organization.
    that's just my two cents....

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    I have done this twice in 10 years, perhaps I can lend a hand.

    1. First you need to get a budget. Do you have one assigned, or are the pwers that be giving you however much you need?? The first time I did it, I was given a blank check. The second time, I had to keep it under $500.

    2. Solicit ideas from the membership- do you want to stay traditional? A maltese? A Badge shape? A Keystone shape?? What do you want in it? What colors? What do you want it to say? I have seen a lot of beautiful patches that were ruined by too many words. When you get a general idea and/or consensus from the members, draw a rough sketch. OR SKETCHES!!! make 2 0r 3 ideas!! If you can't draw, get some help. (My sister is a commercial artist.....what a load off my back!!)

    3. Ok, you have the rough sketch. Present it to the membership, see what they have to say about your idea. Let them peck at the ideas, and maybe you might have to go back to the drawing board (LITERALLY!!!) Present the improved idea if necessary.

    4. When everyone has agreed to an idea, now is the time to present your idea to embroidery manufacturers for bids. Ask the neighbors where they get theirs- The cops, sheriffs, etc. Are they happy? Do they last? Do they stay colorfast after numerous washes?? When you get an idea of where they purchase their patches, call the manufacturer. Tell them what you are up to. Tell them you would like a written bid or a quote. Most patch manufacturers will issue a bid based on quantity- the more you buy, the cheaper. They will most likely want you to send a color fax or color drawing by mail.

    Patches are priced by several things- size and color are the two biggies. Especially color. The more colors you have, the more pricey it gets. Words also get into the equation.

    The manufacturer will also charge a set-up fee. This is a one time charge to do exactly that- set it up. They have to pay someone to program the computer controlled embroidery machines with your patch codes. As long as you stick with this manufacturer, you will never have to pay this again.

    Get samples from the supplier. Are the edges frayed? Is the embroidery detailed? Does it look good? Are the colors sharp and crisp??

    Avoid the fly-by-night outfits in the equipment magazines....I have had bad luck with them. (unless others you know have used them and like them) Go to an embroidery shop, like where the local ball teams get jackets and the like made.....You may pay extra, but it'll be worth it in the long run....

    Trying to think of anything else....cant right now....Will think of it 22 seconds after I hit "submit reply" Good luck....And it's neat seeing an idea from your head and drawings made into a product!!

    "Loyalty above all else, except honor."

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