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    Fire Comm Guest

    Question 800 mhz radios

    Has any volunteer department moved (or going to move) to a 800 mhz radio system?? If so, how are you going to notify firefighters (pagers, portables?)

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    Fyrball105 Guest


    The county here, just went 800, infact yesterday morning 10:00. as for contacting firefighters, we are right now using our old paging system, toned out on vhf radios, we have 11 portables for our department to use, the officers of dept. then the most active firefighters have those, we are paged on old system then as units go enroute we use the 800 to talk to county dispatch> and yes sounds confusing and it is for right now, still bugs to work out.

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    ArmyTruckCompany Guest


    My volly company has been using 800 for about 10 months now. Works great!! Before, we had a lot of "dead spots" in our area, now there are none that we know of. The only drawback is that now we are hearing EVERYONE in the county loud and clear!! Paging (for the last 2-3 yrs) is done by alpha-numeric page, which are real nice. I now carry one pager- I gey fire/ems calls, and I pay the fire company 4 bucks a month to get my own toll-free pager number with a voice mail!! (I have the pager programmed to emit different tones for fire/ems/personal pages)

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    F52 Westside Guest


    We are a combo dept., but have been using 800 for a little over a year now. I love it now that the bugs are worked out. We are toned over our VHF pagers thru the 800 system. our VHF channel is "patched" to our 800 system.

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    NTCFD_Lieut Guest


    Getting ready to move to 800 in January 2001 here. As far as I know, our current plan is we will continue to use our current VHF pagers via a "patch" in to the new system. Additionally all officer's will be recieving protables.. Presently my department is looking into moving to alpha-numeric pagers to avoid the inevitable confusion between systems..

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    rbf Guest


    Our county uses an 800 "trunked" system with a patch to VHF. This allows paging and also allows VHF radios to talk to 800 units. This has worked well for us. To the departments using alpha-numeric pagers. Are you using these without voice pagers? Any department considering moving to alpha-numeric pagers exclusively should check to insure that ISO or other organization that rates your department will approve the use of them. ISO may not recognize the alpha-numeric pagers due to system delays. Be safe and check before you switch.

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    mark440 Guest


    We are being told that we are going to be in the system before the Olypmics get here but have seen no work on it yet.
    "Doc", do you happen to be from North Tooele UTAH?????

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    391HD Guest


    I wouldn't lose any sleep worrying about what ISO recognizes concerning alpha neumeric pagers. Communications is but one part of the entire grading system.

    State Farm Insurance Group, the largest underwriter of homeowner insurance policies in the U.S., has announced that it will no longer use ISO grades for figuring premium costs, but will base it upon past losses of different geographical areas instead.
    If other insurance companies follow their lead, ISO grading will eventually become meaningless.

    Interestingly, on the subject of fire response delays with communication equipment, ISO does not require any warning lights or sirens as part of apparatus equipment. You could have a fleet without this equipment, and still get full credit, yet would your total response time be affected?

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    Kelly Tool Guest


    Our county changed over to 800Mhz a couple of months ago. As for paging they do a simul-cast over our low band(that we had been useing) so you can still hear the dispactcher on the minitors and monitors. All other communication(feild to disbatch, and feild to feild) is only over the 800Mhz frequencies

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    craiggEMT Guest


    Our county will soon be switching over to the 800mhz system. They are working on some tower issues. We will continue to be paged thru our Motorola Monitor IIs. All other radios will be traded in for new ones.

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    FF/Medic27 Guest


    In Belmont County, Ohio we went to a 800 mhz trunking system 2 years ago. The fire departments are analog and police radios are digital (so you can't listen on a scanner). We have high band paging and we can patch into the Ohio Highway Patrol's LEERN channel (high band also). The highway patrol is also using county radios for evaluation before they go statewide with 800. It's hilly here so there are a few dead spots with portables but 100% coverage with mobiles.

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    tlfd600 Guest


    Well my county switched all Public Safety agencies to an 800 trunking network. They radios are real nice and you can talk to any fire, EMS, or police agency in the county. The draw back is they do have better range but not as clear as was told to us. With pageing we still use our old 460mhz pagers so now we have two sets of towers to deal with and we no longer can hear radio traffic on the way to the station. If we are not issued the $1700 radios we are out of luck on figureing out the situation until you arrive at the fire station. We also switched over to county dispatch which caused us at times to get dispatched by police dispatchers that didn't know our area, totally different subject but examine the dispatching set-up too.

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    st34ff Guest


    My county (Bucks, Pa) has swichted over to a 500 MHz digital system. It has it's good points and its downsides. The good side is you can talk from one end of the county to the other no problem. The downside is the cost of the radios ($3,000 per radio).

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    RJE Guest


    For tlfd600:

    If not hearing the voice traffic while on the road concerns you, think about picking up a trunk tracking scanner. When someone has them on sale, they run around $200, up to $350 or so for a top of the line when not on sale. Just make sure you get one that can track YOUR system, as some are only for certain types of trunking.

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